Spring-Ready Skin Edit: Part 1 – Cleansing

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As the Sun is already peeking through the rain clouds, it’s about time to get your skin prepared for airier textures, lighter applications and sheerer finishes. Fortitude Magazine is going to guide you through the basics with our favourite products on the shelves today.

For the first step, we have chosen a selection of fabulous oil-to-cream cleansers to deep cleanse every bit of grime and make up with one hassle-free step, without stripping the skin of moisture, and suits even oily skin types.

Fortitude Recommends: ‘DHC Deep Cleansing Oil’

With amazing olive oil and Vitamin E, this Japanese cleansing oil will even remove your waterproof mascara and glitter eye shadows hassle-free. Tried and tested, true cleanliness in an easy to use pump bottle.

Available at BeautyMART.

 The Cult Product: ‘Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil’

The Award Winning product has 6 versions to meet your every need, or you could go with the Limited Editions revamped each season. Our favourite- ‘the ultime8’.

Available at Shu Uemura.

 The Newcomer: ‘Melvita Milky Cleansing Oil’

Produced from 100% organic plant oils, including delicious Damask Rose essence and nourishing rose hip oil; we cannot wait to take off the day.

Available at Melvita.

The Luxe Product: ‘SK II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil’

An anti-ageing deep-cleansing formula that contains Wild Rose Extract and rejuvenating Pitera for those who want a little “oomph!” in their daily cleansing routine.

Available at Harrods.


Remember, to make the most of your cleansing oil: apply with dry hands on dry skin, massage to lift up the dirt and remove with a wet steaming hot face cloth. Easy.

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