Beauty Brand of the Moment: Balance Me

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Founded by two sisters, this British brand aims to offer ‘beauty that works naturally’. It is a luxurious brand with natural formulations and complimenting strong aromas with mixtures of textures.

The reason this brand is so hot at the moment is because of the growing importance of brand heritage and the desire to buy something that is ‘Made in Britain’. For example, look at the amazing success from brand ‘The Cambridge Satchel Company’, it is evident that there is global demand for British-made product. With even the likes of ‘River Island’ and ‘Topshop’ joining this hype! Retailers are realising the importance of British product.

Balance Me could be the next highly demanded beauty brand, not only because of the sophisticated product, but also because it’s British, and it’s available at affordable price points!


One key thing that stands out for me personally is the fact each product is labelled with how much natural ingredient is within each package. It’s very impressive, and you can feel confident that you’re not rubbing all different types of toxins and oils into your skin that aren’t good for you!

This is a brand to look out for and is recommended by many magazines like: Grazia, Red Local, Marie Claire, Stylenest and newspapers like The Guardian and The Telegraph. They have also won awards with The Green Beauty Bible, CEW Beauty Insiders’ Choice and Red Best Beauty for a variety of their products like: exfoliating polish, moisturisers, anti-ageing, toning, the list goes on!


Try it for yourself! You can find Balance Me at John Lewis, Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, but also online at, check online for a closer stockist near you too!

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