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Originally hailing from Chile, South America, Inti Rowland aka Rivera, moved to London as a child where he developed his impressive musicianship and songwriting skills. Now, the mesmerising debut single ‘We’re Alive’ is here, accompanied by a hypnotising music video and we can’t get enough of it.

The single is introduced by a melancholic guitar sound that eases you into the track before Inti’s warm vocals take over with progressive ease, producing a pop formula any songwriter would be proud of. An addictive song, with an abundance of melodies to flick through, Rivera’s debut doesn’t feel like a debut at all. More like an accomplished piece from a songwriter who has been creating captivating indie pop for years.

The single tackles the delicate subject of a car crash on a reckless night. Inti explains “When your confidence runs away from you and you think you’re invincible. The song is about surviving what you bring upon yourself.”

If ‘We’re Alive’ is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what Rivera has in store for 2018.

‘We’re Alive’ is out now.

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