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Singer-songwriter HONGZA – aka Sam Hong – releases his vibrant new new single ”Live in Mono’, out now and also featuring Annabel Allum.

‘Live in Mono (featuring Annabel Allum)’ is the first taster of what’s to come from the full EP ‘Inside My Mind’, set for release August 19th. Following the success of his debut EP Gen Z, that saw support from Apple Music Beats 1, Live Nation’s Ones to Watch and Spotify’s Fresh Finds Rock, the production on this new release has gone from a bedroom/DIY aesthetic to having a polished finish. With sonics more aligned with the shoegaze soundscapes, this project shows Hongza in his best form yet.

“’Live in Mono’ is about a point in my life where I felt so lonely and was living in one dimension. Lonely because I felt like a nobody, lonely because my skin colour made me the odd one out. I would wake up at 2pm go get fucked in the evening and that was all I did for a couple years at one point. People think life is either black or white but I feel like it’s just this middle ground of grey”, explains Sam.

Spending his life feeling like an outcast due to his ethnicity, the track is acting as a step towards Hongza supporting people who may be feeling similar to him. With his constant championing of British Asian musicians through his TikTok platform (39K followers), Hongza is also looking to start a festival to continue showing his enthusiasm for people similar to himself. He is also looking to secure British Asian musicians to support him with his UK shows later this year.

‘Live in Mono (featuring Annabel Allum)’ is out now.

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