Launchbox: Tired Pony

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If you’re a fan of the predominantly chilled vibes that are swept up in both REM and Nothern Irish Alternative/Indie band Snow Patrol, I can assure you Tired Pony are a must for you.

Formed by vocally smooth Snow Patrol frontman, Gary Lightbody out of his appreciation of country music, he was joined by members Richard Colburn, Iain Archer, Jacknife Lee, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey and Troy Stewart. Releasing their début album ‘The Place We Ran From’ in 2010 brought satisfactory success to the band, but nothing off the radar. Contributions to the first single ‘Dead American Writers’ came in the form of Zoeey Deschanel and Editors’ very own Tom Smith, setting the track up to be a classic.

Tired Pony, while delivering a slight folk tint in their relatively and naturally alternative sound, the truely chilled vibe remains very centred to the whole product. With less recognition than expected following their début album, their new album ‘The Ghost Of The Mountain’ seems to have the potential to form an increasing shock factor around this new intriguing project.

Songs of a real melodic nature- especially single ‘All Things All At Once’- resonate through the album and a beautiful relaxed vibe clings to every note of even the slightly more upbeat tracks. Tired Pony are a real smooth new find you’re bound to enjoy.

Start by checking out their new single ‘All Things All At Once’ below:

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