Infographic: The triumphant return of vinyl

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The wonderful chaps and ladies at Liberty Games and Neomam have done some digging, and this is what they found.

Vinyls have been a hot topic of interest of the past couple of years or so. No longer symbols of the past for older generations, the come back of the vinyl record is down to more than just the nostalgic and dedicated members of the Hipsterati. Physical music buying now makes up 48.8% of the music market share, according to research conducted and collated by Liberty Games and Neomam. As they put it:

“In the jukebox world vinyl is pretty much the genesis of the whole phenomenon – but now it’s making a comeback! In our infographic below we take a look at just why this might be.”

As the the sexily designed infographic suggests, the top selling LPs of 2014 are a mix of new albums and re-issues of classic albums, such as Pink Floyd’s The Endless River. Happily, cost and convenience aren’t the only reasons for the spike in vinyl and CD sales. Other reasons for this revival can be put down to interaction, experience, and sound quality. Record collecting is still, however, stereotypically male, with 87.4% of recipients being blokes. See the whole, amazing thing below. You can view the original version here.


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