Album Review: The Barnum Meserve – ‘When All Is Lost’

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Having formed back in 2007, The Barnum Meserve are not ones to stick to convention. The Nottingham trio have turned their back on the usual band set up of guitars, and instead choose to create their unique sound simply with piano, bass and drums. With previous acclaim from the likes of Team Rock and Big Cheese Magazine, the band have just released a simply epic new album.

When All Is Lost is a cinematic collection of tracks showcasing the band’s ability to create something truly unique. Album opener ‘Flight’ immediately introduces us to The Barnum Meserve’s anthemic sound and brooding emotion; as relentless beats throb against Leon Wiley’s fierce vocals, it’s a musically rich and staggeringly intense start.

Tracks such as ‘We Walk Like Giants’ and ‘The Summit’ hit your ears with Wiley’s impassioned growl as elements of catchy rock are evident in their whirring hooks and pummelling glitchy beats.

‘Break Them’, however, oozes a twinkling, atmospheric soundscape, resulting in a sweeping slice of euphoria, whilst ‘Lost At Sea’ is another reflective offering as soaring emotion flows and we are exposed to the truly impressive range of Wiley’s vocals.

The influence of Industrial greats Nine Inch Nails is evident throughout; in ‘Downpour’, for example, a definite Reznor-esque eerie grandeur soars whilst title track ‘When All Is Lost’ ends the album with an affecting melancholy and dark, overbearing passion that would no doubt make Trent proud.

With each track offering its own unique cinematic majesty and haunting emotive power, When All Is Lost is a beautifully dark soundscape that is sure to send shivers down spines.

When All Is Lost is out now via 34D Records.

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