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Sheffield 4-piece The Sherlocks are made up of two sets of brothers, full of dancefloor indie tunes, selling out venues on the way to bigger and better things.

A band in it for the music, and their ever growing fan base, The Sherlocks are more than your everyday indie band. A band that put coaches on for their fans to travel the country with them; selling out venues up and down the UK on their way, The Sherlocks ever growing popularity will just keep on growing.

Already supported bands such as The Enemy, Reverend & The Makers and Twisted Wheel on tour, the punchy riff hitting four-piece have a growing back catalogue of hits that are so addictive you wont forget them once you’ve heard it once.

Biggest hit ‘Chasing Shadows’ is the ultimate demonstration of this band’s talent, classic indie riffing, party feeling rock and roll. The Sherlocks are the next big thing out of Sheffield.

If there is a prime example of how to create classic indie riffing dance floor classics, its The Sherlocks.

Listen to ‘Chasing Shadows’ below:

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