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With Miliband outlining the direction of Labour’s efforts what will it mean for you?

The conservative party has long been critical of Labour’s intentions, accusing them of using the same old tactics of borrowing money to spend frivolously, however Miliband has stated that “Higher spending is not the answer to fixing our economy”.

Though Labour have been doing well in polls and leading, one area where they haven’t is on the economy, polls stating that the Tory party is more trusted with it. With the intentions of Labour to “get the national debt falling as soon as possible” positive signs are there for Labours economic strategy.

Miliband went on to say “Unless we fundamentally reshape our economy, we will only ever be able to compensate people for unfairness and inequality.” Miliband wants to make the UK more even from the offset and it should be no surprise that by tackling the “Cost of living crisis” he fully intends to do so. The impact of the following on this matter will undoubtedly be felt by many, unlike how the Tory’s economic growth has been almost entirely unfelt.

Legislation likely to affect the Every-man/woman.

Cutting our main expenses by:

–        Freezing energy bills

–        Putting a cap on rent increases

Putting money into pockets by:

–        Increasing the minimum wage by more than average earnings during the next Parliament

–  Incentivising businesses with a tax cut for paying the living wage

–        Abolishing the “bedroom tax”

–        Devolving £30bn of funding to city regions

–        Creating two new “challenger” banks

Supporting us by:

–        Introducing worker representation on remuneration committees

–        Ensuring “care and co-operation, not profit and privatisation” of the NHS.

–        Repealing the Health and Social Care Bill

–        Build “at least 200,000 homes a year by the end of the next Parliament”

–        Stop the “abuse of zero-hours contracts

–        Give “more powers over tax, welfare and jobs” to the Scottish Parliament. He urged Scots to vote to stay part of the UK in September’s referendum

Is this change you will feel?  @FortitudeMag

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