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The cold weather took a while to arrive but it’s finally upon us, just in time to make keeping to your New Year’s resolutions that much harder. Don’t drink as much…. Meh it’s cold, let’s go to the pub. Do more exercise… Meh it’s cold, I’ll just have a pizza. Be a better person…. Why? David Bowie has died and the World is even shitter than it was before I made this stupid goal… AND IT’S STILL COLD. That last one is particularly hard, everything seems to have a cloud hanging over it these past few days. Even if you weren’t the biggest fan of his music you can’t deny the man’s influence or integrity as an artist. We haven’t made any special plans at House of Savages to commemorate The Thin White Duke, but I will certainly be raising a glass in his honour at The George next week. Here’s who will be joining us that night…


Paperwolf –

Paperwolf build their sound on a strong proto-punk base. Bands like Iggy and the Stooges, Dead Boys and Richard Hell are all bands that pop into your head when listening to their music. Despite House of Savages only being their second ever gig together the three-piece of Varun, Ronald and Colin have already released a number of tracks in their short time as a band, showcasing some tasty riffs in the process. Keep Me Waiting in particular has all the ingredients of great song to pogo to!

Listen out for – Keep Me Waiting


Dogs of Riga –

These guys name has been floating around House of Savages HQ for a couple months now and we’re super excited to be having them come down and play for us. They list Bloc Party and DFA 1979 amongst their influences and would say that these are the strongest likeness I can hear when listening to the tracks. Their most recent release Dead Century is a fast-paced indie beauty, with some of the best elements of the bands from the scene at its height. Receiving praise from the likes of Killing Moon and Far Out Magazine in the past they are sure to give us a barnstorming set of indie rock at its finest!

Listen out for – Stop Dead


Gillbanks –

Having been featured by Xfm, Gigwise, BBC London and Indie Shuffle GILLBANKS will be coming to play The George tavern with a strong list of supporters behind him. The band is the project of singer/guitarist Sam Gillbanks and falls somewhere between Nirvana-esque grunge Real Estate’s Indie Rock, with heavy choruses and instrumentals coupled with sparse reverb heavy verses full of melodic ideas that keep you guessing. Originally from Falmouth, the most recent EP Lend Me Your Skin showed a skill for both writing a hit in Anxious? and for the more complex in Tiffany. One of the rising stars of the London rock scene we’re sure to be seeing more of GILLBANKS in the next year or so!

Listen out for – Anxious?


Swampmother –

The opening few chords of Hidden almost sound as if Alex and Adam are crawling out of a swamp towards you with awesome, grimy guitars, crashing drums and sultry vocals giving the music an atmosphere fitting of their name. On the other side of the coin tracks like Battles have an almost Delta-blues nature to them, their stripped back nature really allowing Alex’s vocals to shine through. A last minute support slot for Lucy Rose is not usually the sort of thing our bands would have on their CV, but it must have been amazing and much deserved moment for the duo, one which allows us to point out the versatility that this month’s headliners possess. We can’t wait to have them on our stage later this week!

Listen out for –You Ask Too Much

Looking forward to seeing you all The George Tavern on the 20th of Jan to meet the best in new alternative rock in London. –

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