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They say you know you’ve had too much to drink when someone brings up the Nazi’s, well this month we’re sharing our night with the 127 birthday of Adolf Hitler. Obviously, he would have hated our night; for starters this would be a non-state sanctioned meeting of people, the music would have definitely have been banned under a Nazi state and the diversity of our performers and audience would have definitely been viewed as dangerous to the stability of the fuhrer’s vision! This month’s temporary catchphrase will therefore be – “House of Savages, still sticking it to Hitler!”. Here are the acts that will be helping us do it…


Coldredlight –

Dark and menacing noises ooze over Coldredlight’s debut track Little Scorpion, which lands somewhere in between Alice in Chains and Jeff Buckley in sound, though having said that the opening guitar riff reminds me strongly (here’s where I reveal my shit teenage music tastes) of the opening to Offspring’s Pay The Man. Sorry guys know that’s not what you were going for at all. But seriously, these guys have fantastically intense, bluesy sound which builds beautifully from a solo guitar and voice into a grunge-infused rock out over the end of the song, singer Gaby-Elise’s voice changing from sultry to raw power. Having been picked up quickly by BBC Oxfordshire Introducing (being interviewed on the show as well as playing a live night hosted by them) they are certainly establishing a strong reputation very quickly. We can’t wait to hear some more tunes when they play with us next week!

Listen out for – Little Scorpion


Michael Jablonka –

Sort of returnee Michael Jablonka played with us previously when he was fronting his band The Dark Tides. The performance sticks out in the memory mainly because of Michael’s fantastic guitar work, something which has obviously carried over to his solo work. His new EP Myrads takes a range of influences, Jet Packs and Mantra take on a more pop-rock approach with some really strong hooks and summery feel (another similarity to the Dark Tides) whereas My Light and Honey Dripper actually reminds me strongly of the most recent Arctic Monkey’s album AM with a strong rhythm n’ blues base to it on which Michael’s songwriting talents can really shine through. A bit of a gigging machine he has been on a tear recently playing all over London to promote the new EP so he’s sure to be in fine form for next weeks show.

Listen out for – Honey Dripper


Turpai –

A one man band, consisting soley of Max Shower according to their Facebook, though I’m sure Max has a couple mates help out live (but I would be immensely impressed if he turned up with a bass drum on his back), Turpai has a fantastically gritty sound. His style of garage rock is not too far from Palma Violets or Wytches (or back in the day early Nine Black Alps), with a little shoegaze and grunge thrown in for good measure. My favourite of the three on their Soundcloud Bottom Lip definitely sounds like a classic in the making with an angst ridden powerhouse of a chorus. Having received great reviews from Mytacism Music and Born Music for their track Say they’re starting to build a nice following which can only continue with more tunes as sick as these.

Listen out for – Bottom Lip

Cheap Meat

Cheap Meat –

Our final band this month are the rock trio Cheap Meat. Taking strong influence from HofS favourites Weezer in their music along with the likes of Jimmy Eat World and All American Rejects, tells you that this is a band that mixes their rock with a healthy does of pop sensibilities. The distinctly American pop-rock sound in Sweetness, Take Me Back is a great example of this with its sun-drenched distortion on the guitars (complete with Rivers Cuomo-esque fills), a driving drum rhythm pushing the song forward and a vocal line that is written to get stuck in your head. Reviews from Already Heard, Rock Sound and big support from Kerrang! gives the band an already impressive CV and with them heading out on tour with Decade next month they look to be building up some serious momentum.

Listen out for – The Parts That Show

Looking forward to seeing you all The George Tavern on the 20th of April to meet the best in new alternative rock in London. – Check out our Facebook event page for more info!

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