Youtuber of the Week: Emma Blackery

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Emma Blackery is a 22 year old British Youtuber hailing from Essex. With over 415,000 subscribers, what better way to kickstart our December Youtuber of the Week series…

Known for her very timid approach to subjects, Emma… Wait, no, rewind…

Strong opinions led by a voice of humour and comedic effect is what Emma’s channel is raised on. Covering a wide variety of topics in her vlogs, it’s no wonder her channel began to grow at a rapid rate of 1,000 subscribers a day. And let’s face it, her recent thoughts on Google+ left a mark on the internet…

Reasons Emma Blackery has made Fortitude’s Youtuber of the Week? Well, joining her  interesting array of subjects, her bravery to approach them with such passion, and her commitment to regular uploads, we happen to think she’s bloody fantastic. It’s not very often you can sit and watch Youtubers of this style and find the entire duration of the video interesting or funny- or, even better, both at the same time.

With many series having been and gone on Emma’s channel, such as Let’s Read and Feel Good 101, Blackery has gained a loyal following. Feel Good 101 was one of her most popular series, and explored quite a few serious subjects such as Depression and Bullying. It doesn’t stop here though. As well as vlogs, the usual #AskEmma videos and the agitated, frustrated “ranty” videos, Emma is also a musician.

In July 2013, Emma began recording her debut EP, ‘Distance’, accompanied by a music video for lead track, ‘Go The Distance’. The EP later shot up to No.1 in the iTunes Rock Chart and No.15 in the Main Album Chart. No biggie.

Continuing her Youtube journey, picking up viewers and friends on the way, Emma is also set to release a second EP in 2014.


You can find Emma’s channel here!

Check out some of the reasons why we appreciate Emma Blackery:


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