Sam Pepper Faces Assault and Maltreatment Accusations

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Youtube star, Sam Pepper, widely known in the online world for his prank videos, has walked himself into a bit of a mess some would say was inevitable after members of the public as well as other renowned members of the Youtube community had enough.

The online personality recently posted a video in which he is shown grabbing women’s bottoms using a fake hand from behind.

Despite the massive support of 2.4million subscribers to Sam’s Youtube channel, fans, viewers and other influential Youtubers quickly expressed their dislike for the new video. He drew the final straw with his controversial content, and it rapidly backfired.

Speaking out about the seriousness and sensitivity of sexual harassment were people all across a mass of social networks, and Pepper was almost vocally demolished by a substantial proportion of the public.

Reacting to this, the Youtuber posted a video in which he claimed his disdained acts were conducted as a “social experiment”…


His efforts to escape the issue were only followed by very serious claims and stories from other Youtubers, bravely speaking out about personal experiences involving Sam Pepper. These stories came via Youtube from users, “thisbedottie“, an anonymous user, and “lacigreen”, all which can be viewed below.




Sam has now been banned from VidCon, Playlist and Youtubers React, all of which are Youtube events held in order to host meet and greets for Youtubers and their viewers.

We want to hear YOUR voice and opinion on what we understand is a very delicate and sensitive issue. How are you reacting to Sam Pepper’s alleged actions, and do you think his event ban is enough? Comment below, or tweet us – lets chat.

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