Watch: Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams in ‘I Saw The Light’ trailer

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Hiddleston stars as Hank ‘The Hillbilly Shakespeare’ Williams in the new biopic.

Below you can watch the trailer for the new Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light, starring Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston, who has starred in films like 2011’s Midnight In Paris and 2012’s The Avengers, initially seems like an odd choice to fill the buckled shoes of one of country music’s biggest patrons. With his tall, athletic figure, Hiddleston is, in terms of health, the polar opposite of Williams, who was plagued by health issue such as alcoholism and drug abuse.

It’s now been over 60 years since Williams died at the age of 29, yet fascination with the country music star is higher than ever. Despite a tumultuous personal life, Williams brought joy through his music, candid lyrics and personality, so it only seems fitting that he get the silver-screen treatment with Tom Hiddleston at the helm of the picture.

Directed by Marc AbrahamI Saw The Light will be released on March 25th next year.


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