Review: The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2

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 Before I begin I feel obliged to inform you that I have only read the first book in the Twilight series. I will be reviewing this purely on the basis of the film and the film alone as I have no other material to refer to. This might make you think I’m unsuitable for the job of such a task. However I feel that, for the safety of myself and others around me, I must write. This is because I have never felt such, let’s say… emotion, for any other film in my 19 years of watching and 3 years of reviewing them.

It’s also worth noting that this will probably have spoilers in it, although I’ll try my best not to divulge any important information.

However I’d suggest not reading until you’ve seen the film or at least read the book (but I’m told the ending of the film differs slightly from the book in comparison).

So proceed at your own risk…

It’s been 4 years since the Twilight Saga graced the silver screen and introduced itself as perhaps one of, if not THE most important film for teenage girls of this generation. And whilst I see the attraction in the previous 4 films (of which I have touched upon HERE ) I simply cannot see how anyone could be anything but angered at the way the series was ended, unless of course they had already read the book.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 picks up exactly where Part 1 left off with Bella having just given birth to her daughter Renesmee and been transformed into a vampire finally. As Bella gets used to this new lifestyle we’re painted a happy picture. However soon enough, as seems to happen in each of the films, Bella, Edward and co soon come into a spot of trouble and, boy, is it trouble! As the Volturi (headed by the fantastic Michael Sheen who seems to be the only actor having fun with his role) find out about Bella’s half human/half vampire daughter they begin to put forward their ritual which is carried out whenever this occurs. This threatens the safety of not only Bella and Renesmee but also the rest of the Cullen family and soon enough, as they find others to help, a good few more vampires.

Whilst the first half lacks in detail – the newborn Renesmee is so obviously CGI that it’s nigh on impossible to just laugh at the pitiful attempt – it still has enough to keep you mildly interested as Bella deals with having to come face to face with her father as a vampire. It’s quite hard to see how the effects department got away with such shoddy workmanship at some points as we see backgrounds which look like they’ve come out of a very early James Bond film. Surely we shouldn’t have to be subjected to such obvious “fakery” in this day and age? And with this being a Blockbuster film it’s hard to see where the budget was used.

However it’s the second half which ruins not only the film but also the whole series and pretty much Hollywood itself.

With most of the third act building up the anticipation for a battle which seemed like it could easily be on par with a Lord of the Rings film we are given one of the greatest battle scenes you could ever hope for. No mercy is given at all and it will no doubt fill you with both rage and glee as well as a hint of shock. After this 10 or 20 minute sequence which will have you on the edge of your seat throughout most of it and which pretty much turned the film from a 2-3/5 into a 4-5/5 in a matter of seconds the director/writer/producers decide to play the most cruel trick in the world. Just imagine watching the harry potter series and right at the end being given a scene in which 11 year old Harry wakes up in his normal room having just dreamed a whole seven years in the space of a night. That comparison however is not even close to the way in which the twilight saga completely ruins your life. Finally we’re given the battle we deserved in Eclipse and just as quickly it is taken away from us and leaves us as angry and depressed as a child having to pass by Disney World on their way to school every morning.

I guess it’s best to end on a high after that so I will admit there are two things about the film which did fill me with a sense of honest happiness. One: that the Twilight Saga is officially over. Never again will I have to subject myself to such an awful, awful love story. And two: for the first time in the saga they got one of the most important things right. Anna Kendrick’s absence.

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