Review: Pitch Perfect

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If you like glee then you’ll love this film, there is romance and singing and not forgetting the star on the cast list. Is it a same old same old singing film? Yes. Is it a feel good film? For sure.

We have the always delightful Anna Kendrick playing a lead role (Becca) which is nice given that she’s always playing a supporting role in films like Twilight and Up in the Air. She plays a music loving, creative girl that can also sing and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well she sings too. Her and Britney Snow are definitely the eye candy in this film and there is some eye candy for the girls too but I’ll talk about who they are later.

Becca doesn’t want to be in the acapella group at first but eventually she decides to go for it and for a film that is out just before Christmas it’s definitely a feel good film to get you in the Christmas spirit and its fun for everyone. Then we have Chloe  (Britney Snow)  second in command acapella group leader who discovers Becca can sing and does whatever she has to get her in the group which at the start is a really funny way of convincing her, but I’ll let you watch the film to find out….

We also have Rebel Wilson  made famous from such films as Bridesmaids and Bachelorette who plays Fat Amy, she’s very fun as we all know and she makes you want to watch the film to see what she’ll do next. And yes she is in the acapella group ,and yes she can sing which is really awesome, and yes she makes you laugh even when singing.

Skylar Astin plays Jesse , however he is in the other acapella group from the same college and happens to be the love interest of Becca . I think they work well together, as the chemistry is incredible and it really comes across well in the film. In the film we also have Ben Platt who plays Benji, the college radio station DJ; I’ll let you watch the film to find out why he’s your eye candy girls.

To sum the film up, it’s a good film to watch over the Christmas/New Years period. It has a good cast and a fun feel to it. A definite go see film…ENJOY.


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