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Marvel has produced a comic book film as knowing as Kickass, as energetic as Mad Max: Fury Road and funnier than most of the comedies out there. Go check it out!

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Directed by Tim Miller, and based on the graphic novel of the same name, Deadpool is an R rated comic book film and is one of the most irreverent anti-hero movies ever made.

Set in the Marvel universe, this 4th wall breaking origin story sees former special-forces operative Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds and who quite frankly is a bit of a dick, fall in love, get cancer and turn into a ugly, but ass kicking, anti-hero.

Some actors are born to play certain roles. We’ve had Christopher Reeves as Superman, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, whose is apparently happy to have his balls fondled, and now Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Little wonder then, that Reynolds has been trying to get this film off the ground for so long. After Deadpool’s false start in the first Wolverine film it’s clear that Reynolds has put his heart, soul and most importantly his sense of humour into this movie. And this film has plenty of humour. From mocking the Stewart and Macvoy timelines, trying out a bit of ‘pegging’ and jerking off with his abnormally small hand that makes his junk feel bigger, this certainly isn’t a film for kids. But it definitely, definitely is a film for adults.

The film’s plot is devilishly simple. Even though the time line jumps back and forth it’s simply a tale of how Deadpool got to be on a bridge, it’s really no more complicated than that. Even though the film has a lean running time it certainly doesn’t forget to flesh out its characters, whilst of course revealing in some extreme violence. The violence is extreme, but it’s also extremely entertaining – there are decapitations, impaling’s, head kick-ins and even a swift punch to the nuts.

Another joy is the supporting cast. Morena Baccarin is great as Vanessa, Wade’s girlfriend, and you can totally see how they would end up together and how a douche like Wade would want to be less of dick for her. But, the real stand out is Colossus, voiced by Stefan Kapičić, he’s just so cute! From reminding Brianna Hildebrand’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to pausing a fight with Gina Carano’s Angel Dust so she can pop her boob back in, this is one seriously charismatic kind hearted bad ass.

The other stars of the film are the director and screenwriter. Miller keeps the pace of the film moving along a terrific speed, with the jokes landing as perfectly as the punches. Deadpool is not an instantly likable character and its great credit to Miller and Reynolds that he is portrayed in a way that you do sympathise with him as the film goes. Well, kinda. Similarly screen writer Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick deserve credit for a rip roaring script that maintains the authenticity of the original comic book character, whilst delivering a witty and subversive dialogue.

I suppose there’s the broader question as to where this film sits into the wider Marvel universe, and now that it’s the highest-grossing R-rated movie in history what this means for R rated films as a whole and the current trend for comic book films to go darker.

But those are questions for another day. For today at least what’s important is that Marvel has produced a comic book film as knowing as Kickass, as energetic as Mad Max: Fury Road and funnier than most of the comedies out there. Go check it out!

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