Review: Alex Cross

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How do I sum up this film, its an action film that has the usual “good” cops verses “villain” cop film feel. The difference between this film and others is that the villain Picasso (Matthew Fox (LOST) is actually pretty good. He plays a psychopath that has a military type background and likes to inflict pain on people … go figure.

Then we have the cop … a homicide detective Dr Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) that just happens to be a doctor that can read anyone he speaks too and find out how they are feeling and if they are telling the truth or not;  sounds impressive but its kind of annoying. The murderer (Picasso) kills a lady he is seducing by torturing her, which leads Alex to research about the murderer and being Dr. Alex Cross he knows everything before everyone else or so he thinks. Then because Dr Cross has got involved and wants to stop him on his mission, Picasso has to change his plans and focus because  Dr. Cross has seen and knows who he is.

But like every good detective he needs a sidekick, which brings me to Tommy Kane (Edward Burns). He’s the best friends of Alex and his partner in crime, he’s not really anything big in the film as more than the sidekick that wants revenge too. He helps Dr. Cross track down Picasso after he kills some of his loved ones (if you have read the books you can guess who Picasso kills, if not I’ll let you watch the film to find out). After Picasso kills these people, Dr. Cross goes into “missionary mode” to find and kill Picasso, which to me he’s  trying too hard to be like Jason Bourne as it translates on screen like a gangster gone wrong.

On the up side though there is a good revenge and surprising twist to the end that yes has been seen before but you don’t see it coming which gave it an extra star from me.

Is it a film worth going to see? I’d say yes it is if you don’t want to be surprises apart from the ending and you just want to see the same old cop verses villain movie which we all seem to love. For me they could have been more imaginative and make the story last longer or make the tracking and figuring the villains moves out harder for the mighty Dr. Alex Cross and less like he knows who he is so he goes to get him easily.



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