Review: ‘What If’

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‘What If’ has been advertised as “the best rom-com since (500) Days Of Summer”, which is a pretty bold statement to make. So did it fit its big billing?


When you look at what ‘What If’ has in terms of competition for “best rom-com since (500) Days Of Summer” there isn’t really many films that can stand even close to ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ but do not let that detract from how good this film is and how ‘What If’ is the best rom-com since ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ and will hold the title of “best rom-com” for a while to come.


So what makes ‘What If’ so good you may be asking?


To start the casting of the characters was perfect. Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) our hero so to speak, is a 20-something medical school drop out with a bit of a cynical view of the world due to his and his families history with love. Chantry (Zoe Kazan) our other “hero” is the loveable animator who lives with her current boyfriend Adam (Rafe Spall) and forms an instant connection when she meets Wallace. Finally, Allan (Adam Driver), Wallace’s old college room mate brings the laugh out loud moments that puts the comedy into rom-com and steals many scenes with the interactions and dialogue with other characters.


What I liked most about ‘What If’ is that the interactions between Wallace and Chantry are those you would see with male and female friends. There is no longing looks at one another across the room as they slow dance with their ‘dates’ or current romantic interests. There is no awkward hugs and looking other the shoulder, begging, praying that the others looks back style scenes that are often scene in rom-coms of this nature.


There was no overly uncomfortable scene of them tentatively and nervously kissing for the first time or weird undressing scene where one character is stealing a glance in the corner of their eye. There is a scene in a changing room with a dress but it is heart warming.


That is how I can sum up ‘What If’, Heart Warming. A film that gives you plenty of laughs, keeps you interested and occupied for the entire film with no weird middle part that seems to stagnate and makes  even the most cynical of us come out with a smile on their face believing we will find someone.


‘What If’ definitely lives up to its billing as “The best rom-com since (500) Days Of Summer” and will surely find itself of Film of The Year lists later on this year.

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