5 Shows you NEED to watch in 2013

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As it turns out, this year has not only been great for cinema, but for TV too (now let me hear all the television enthusiasts say hip hip hooray!). With brand new attempts at comedy, action and the forever agonizing heart in mouth cliff-hangers, yes my fellow reality avoidance group, the first part of 2013 has brought some intriguing things to our screens indeed.

In fact there has been so much choice available, that even the most committed couch potato would have difficulty keeping track of them all. But luckily for you, as an ever immortal channel surfer this segment shall be committed to cluing you up on the top 5 shows, (well my top 5 thus far) to have a look at. Now, you’ll notice that there aren’t any British series on this list. Those will be tackled at a later stage.




5. Hannibal

Here is something for all you vegetarians out there. Everybody’s favorite man eating serial killer has returned in the form of NBC’s prequel depiction of events prior to his incarceration. Following FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) who develops a working relationship with Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) in an attempt to catch serial killers, the series breathes a big breath of new life into an old and somewhat dated franchise. With brilliantly executed tension and disturbingly graphic yet rewarding scenes (yes I know I’m a wrong’un), each episode has got a thumbs up from me. Oh and Laurence Fishburne is in it. Good news is the first season is complete, so you all can sit down and enjoy it uninterrupted. Just don’t try to eat and watch at the same time. Gorey bliss.




4. The Following

Ok, can I get a show of hands from all the Kevin Bacon fans please? Any one else enjoying the various EE adverts at the moment? No one? Well, I don’t know about you but Bacon fighting a legion of serial killers, is a pretty cool plot premise. Again, plenty of twists although some arguably more implausible than others, Fox has managed to scrape together a pretty intense drama with action promised at every turn. With the first season complete, if you haven’t glimpsed this yet I certainly recommend having a look in.



3. Under the Dome

I thought long and hard about whether this should be included in the list. On one hand my love for all things Stephen King could be clouding my judgement. On the other hand, a bunch of people trapped underneath a dome with no means of escape (well not yet anyways) is a wonderful plot premise.  With that being said this series seems to be shaping up pretty great thus far. Based on the 2009 novel by Mr King (no, not the “I had a dream” guy), the seven episodes I’ve seen so far have been pretty gripping. Expect lots of mystery and science fiction in this one folks. I mean, what else would you assume would happen if a giant dome came crashing down on top of your town?





2. Ray Donovan

Another relatively new series – kicked off June 30th to be precise. Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) is a professional “fixer” for the stars. Rich and famous? Got a naked dead girl in your bathtub?  Maybe a hooker who had a diet of veg and cocaine perhaps? Ray is your man. Currently eight episodes deep and proving to be a heck of a series so far, this entry into the fray from Showtime gets a strong recommendation. Not much more needs to be said, just go watch it.



1. Game of Thrones

If you are one of those peculiar individuals who have never heard of Game of Thrones, I want you to know that I am currently shaking my head emphatically at you. Honestly. Things must be awfully comfortable underneath your rock in the middle of nowhere huh? For those with knowledge of the series, you’ll know that there are not many things on TV which could rival the roller-coaster ride you are taken on, the moment you decided to watch season one. I debated putting this at the top of the list but decided that it was far too epic not to. Season three has only fueled my thoughts on this show. Get out from under your rock.




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