Emerge offer fans chance to get their face into space.

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The energy stimulation soft-drink market can be likened to the bloodied battlefields of Westeros. Walk into your local supermarket in May 2014 and you’ll see at least seven or eight brands fighting for the throne.

Brand Emerge have spotted an opportunity in this arena- to get fans into space – on a budget. Emerge are looking for a face to join them on their space programme. Any face will do; whether that’d be your cat, you nan or your very own.

Instructions to Get #YourFaceInSpace with Emerge.

Simply visit Emerge’s app, http://apps.facebook.com/emergespace, upload a selfie and the winning face will be sent stratospheric for all their mates (and the world) to see. Within the app you can also find the competition T&C’s and current entries.

The winners face represented on a 3D model will be sent on a weather balloon to the edge of space. Competition runs until 16:00 GMT 31/05/2014. You must be over 16 years to enter and a UK resident.

Want to see the possibilities..? Watch a floating balloon dude enjoying space below, aptly sound-tracked by the popular blues song, ‘The Joker’, by Steve Miller band. The track reached number one in both the US and UK.

Don’t miss out, it’s gunna be a blast! #YourFaceInSpace.

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