All Work And No Play: Work-Life Balance Ideas That Won’t Leave You Out Of Pocket

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Sick of spending your whole life at the office? Us too, so check out these radical solutions to this universal problem below.

Follow your passion

The first way to approach getting a better life balance is a controversial one. In fact, it’s all about throwing the ‘balance’ part out of the window and embracing a career that pays and that you also love. You see, if you are doing activities and task that you actually enjoy, then work, doesn’t really end up being work at all. In fact, it’s more like play!

This means you won’t end up as drained and in need of rest either, and so the notion of work-life balance becomes less critical. Instead, you are pursuing a valued activity and this, as long as you can find one that pays should help you have a more fun, and satisfying life.

Rationalising your work processes

Alternatively, another option is to approach your career and your work-life balance with a decidedly 21st-century mindset. This involves the idea of minimising the work that you actually need to do to earn a living.

This can be done in many ways including working on methods that will generate passive income. The idea being that you create a single item that can be sold to different customers over and over again. Something that rationalises the work you have to do, and so frees you up to engage in other value activities, while still maximising your profit.

Another valuable way of rationalising the effort you need to put into earning a living is to use forms of automation to generate an income. An excellent example of this being traders that employ algorithmic trading software to automate what and when to buy. Something that can help them select trades that make the highest profits and lowest losses.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t make discretionary trade when they choose to do so. It just means that a great deal of the risk and complication is taken out of this activity, freeing them up to complete other tasks or value actions in life instead.

Value pricing

Lastly, the final method that can lead to achieving a better work-life balance, especially if you are self-employed or run your own business is shifting from a model of time-based remuneration to one that is centred around the value you are offering to your client.

What this means is that instead of charging so much per hour, you will set your prices depending on factors such as demand, urgent need, and the ultimate value that the service you provide has to the customers. This can then help you free up additional time in your life to do other things apart from work because you are no longer being penalised for working quickly.


In summary, three main approaches can help you achieve a better work-life balance. One is to charge for the value of the work you do not the time its take you to do it. The second is to automate as many processes as you can and free up additional time. While the third is to forget about balancing the two factors entirely and integrate the tasks you get paid for with the things you love, to live a life that is more satisfying.


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