‘The Lady Stripped Bare’ – TED Talk On The 3,276 Hours Women Spend ‘Grooming’

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In a brilliant TED talk at TEDxSouthBankWomen, Australian journalist and media personality Tracey Spicer deconstructs (literally) the problem of how long women spend ‘grooming’. 

With female celebrities discarding their heels at red carpet events, asking camera-men if they “do that to the guys?” and taking a much more positive approach to body image in general, Tracey Spicer now tackles the amount of time women spend ‘grooming’ themselves and the effect that this has within their lives.

“My name is Tracey Spicer,” she begins “and I am a vain fool.”

In a humorous and incredibly poignant speech, Tracey delves into how and why so many women spend so long making themselves look a certain way, and how she would like to start a movement to change that… with the help of some wipes, a bottle of water and a little bit of outfit deconstruction.

You’ll see.

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