Why is Superman my least favourite movie superhero?

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Why is Superman my least favourite movie superhero? Simply because he is too invincible. Yes there is kryptonite but that is about it.

My main problem with the new Man of Steel film is that there is never any doubt that he will prevail, you never think that maybe, just maybe the villains could win, Superman could fall and the bad guys will prevail.

When you watch any recent Super hero films there is that doubt that they will lose. Even though you know as a movie watcher that 98% of the time the protagonist will win and the antagonists will fail. Every super hero has there flaws and weaknesses that can easily be exploited:


  • Iron Man – The Arc Reactor could fail, run out of power. His Suit can get destroyed exposing Tony Stark’s weak human body to whatever is attacking him.




  • Thor – Although he is a god a creature of similar stature (Ice giants) could kill him.




  • Captain America – Plunging into the sea seemed to do the trick, but in the films he doesn’t seem to be impervious to bullets/explosions and in The Avengers he is pinned down by a seemingly mediocre bad guy so he can’t be that difficult to kill.




  • Hawkeye/Black Widow – They are only human and just good assassins so anything can kill them




  • Spiderman – Again just human so anything can kill him, although he can take a good beating.



I could go on and on. I think the best example of doubting whether the hero will win is The Dark Knight series. In each film you are doubting, you are on the edge of your seat, you cannot figure out how they will stop the threat, stop the bad guy from winning, obviously in the end they do. In The Dark Knight Rises they could have actually killed the protagonist making it a very almost perfect film but unfortunately they bottle it and leave it as a “Is he/isn’t he”. That rant is for another time though.Back to topic though. Throughout Man of Steel I was sat there, yes enjoying the film, by no means was it a bad film but I was never in doubt. I just sat there going “There is no way General Zod will win” and that just makes the film unlikeable for me and the worst super hero film since The Fantastic Four, but they will have to make something terrible for that to be beaten, like maybe Batman and Superman in the same film.

The problem that I have with a Superman-Batman team up is that they are two different things, a god and a man who essentially just wears a costume and has a few cool gadgets and good fighting skills. Whenever Superman appears in Batman comics or visa versa, for me, it really detracts from the story because as I said they are completely different.
So don’t get me started about a versus between them, pitting Batman against Superman.

It would be a massacre, like watching ice try to fight the sun. Realistically Batman stands no chance against Superman and would make for a very short, extremely disappointing film.
So that is why Superman is my least favourite movie superhero and before anything is mentioned about The Hulk. He is my second least movie superhero.

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