What’s in for the Royal Albert Hall?

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The iconic Royal Albert Hall of London witnessed yet another iconic performance, by the English rock band “Bring Me The Horizon”. They brought a whole new dimension by performing with a full live orchestra in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust. The event was accompanied by other artists like PVRIS as well.

The splendid performances by the artists in order to generate funds for the noble cause and live up to the standards of this royal hall proved to be the reason for the success of this event. It is in no way different to how deal or no deal casino can be the reason for your success in online casinos.

The hall has been known to have given some of the most memorable events in the UK. However, the memories are going to be never-ending. Here is a list of events for the next part of the year 2019 that are worth being excited for.

Storytelling and music sessions

If you are a parent and are looking for a great place for your kid to develop learning skills as well as interpersonal skills, this might be the right thing. Seasoned storytellers Paul Rubinstein and Samantha Sutherland have been delivering a series of stories, singing sessions and movement that can help build a great interaction bridge between the parents and the kids. It is a great way of making kids learn the reality of life through creative methods. The sessions have been running since the beginning of this year i.e. 2019 and are scheduled to be continued till the month of November. 

Disney concert

The hall has always been a great platform for the world-renowned company Disney to project its creations. Disney concerts are events that only the prestige are allowed to conduct and witness. Certainly, Albert Hall is one of those. The hall is scheduled to host a concert that will feature the second instalment “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” of George Lucas’s classic saga “Star Wars: Film Concert Series”. The film will be projected on one of the biggest screens in the UK in high-definition. 

Nitin Sawhney revisit

This hall is an iconic place and hence has become the apt place to make memorable moments more memorable. This calls multi-award-winning musician and composer Nitin Sawhney to revisit the Royal Albert Hall. The visit has been planned in order to celebrate 20 years of his influential album Beyond Skin. Since then the artist saw great success and rich fan following. It is a great chance for people to see the iconic musician recreating his own iconic piece. To escalate the aura, the musician will be accompanied by the leading alternative choir, London Contemporary Voices.

The Christmas events

Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall is undoubtedly one of the greatest events in the hall. A plethora of world-famous artists and other events are lined up every year for the people to cherish at. This year too, the hall has scheduled an eventful Christmas for the visitors. Christmas Carols, Emma Bunton’s performance, Concert of the movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Chorus by various choral groups like Royal Choral Society, Handel’s Messiah are just a few of the many events that are worth experiencing.


The performances and events held at the Royal Albert Hall are certainly a once in a lifetime experience. If you happen to be or plan to visit a place near to it, make sure to not miss the chance of cherishing the royal hall.

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