Top Tips For Getting Fit This Spring

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We all start the year with the very best intentions – we are going to go for daily runs, we will be in the gym every day and we will definitely follow a healthy eating plan. Within a few weeks, those new years resolutions have fallen by the wayside for most of us. Cold, dark days and the temptation of snuggling up under blankets with Netflix and hearty comfort food are just too much for many people, and who can blame them?

Spring is finally here, and with that comes lighter nights, milder temperatures and an excellent chance to get that fitness plan back on track. We talk about spring cleaning our homes, but why not start off by spring cleaning your body? In this post, we look at how you can get yourself motivated and ready to get fit once again.

Sign Up For Personal Training

Having someone there pushing you and encouraging you can be a huge boost to motivation, and a personal fitness trainer or coaching can be just what you need. There are all sorts of different ones you can look at, from weight training to general fitness. Ask the trainers in your area what they offer. If you can’t stretch to personal training, find a buddy to work out with and hold each other accountable. Purchase some at-home gym equipment – a treadmill and some of the best kettleballs are all you need to start off with.

Make fitness fun

If you hate running or hate going to the gym, then don’t. Find an activity you like – Zumba or salsa lessons, Bollywood aerobics, trampolining and aquaerobics are just a few alternative fitness classes that are gaining in popularity at the moment. As long as your blood is pumping, your heartbeat is increased, and you are working up a sweat, it really does not matter that you aren’t in a gym pumping weights or pounding the sidewalks daily. If you do go to the gym, a motivational playlist such as some bodybuilding rap music might get you pumped up and energized.

Set realistic goals

Everyone always talks about setting goals, but the critical thing is that they are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. There is little point claiming you are going to do a marathon at some point in the future, as there is no time frame and if you can’t run more than a few feet without needing to pause, it is probably unachievable for the time being. Unrealistic goals can have the opposite effect by making you feel disheartened, and that can be a significant cause of people giving up. You could look for events or competitions that raise money for charity as motivation and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. If you have other people cheering you on and encouraging you or depending on you, you are much more likely to stick to it.

Purchase a fitness tracker

The latest fitness trackers can show a whole host of data, including the number of calories that you have burned during a particular activity. Sometimes, seeing just how effective a workout has been can be an excellent motivational tool.

What are your tips for getting back on track with your fitness?


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