Tips to Surviving the Office Christmas Party

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With the festive season comes the organisation of the office Christmas party; just this process alone can cause derision among your colleagues as they try to decide where to go. You might even find that it results in a split, with two parties booked for different venues.

Wherever you go, you need to observe the golden rules for surviving the party without embarrassing yourself. They might sound like simple tips, however, once the alcohol starts to flow, they could be difficult to avoid.

What do you Wear?
Deciding what to wear to the office party is tricky unless there is a theme. You don’t want to overdo the outfit and choose something too risky, and you don’t want to look too dull either. Remember that people are likely to take pictures, so you don’t want to be wearing anything you might be embarrassed about later. One way you can be festive without going over the top is to choose a festive shirt or jumper. Wearing Christmas shirts, especially those that are unique, can be a good conversation starter.

Pace Your Alcohol
Some people don’t get the chance to go to a party often, so when the office party comes around, they get over-enthusiastic about the wine. Having a drink can be good at relaxing the nerves and getting into the party spirit, although you don’t want to overdo it too early and have to leave because the alcohol has gone to your head. Try drinking water or soft drinks in between to keep you hydrated and able to keep going. It is also a good idea to try and not mix your drinks. If you start off with the wine, then try to stay on that for the rest of the evening, switching to spirits could make you intoxicated quicker.

Party Food
If your party is having a sit-down meal as part of the event, then it is a good idea to avoid overeating. Maybe during the day, you could have only light snacks so that you are not too full later. When you are there, limit the finger food before the meal, or you will get full too quickly. One of the side effects of eating too much is that you will start to lag as the party goes on. It might mean having to leave early or falling asleep in the corner of the room.

Watch Your Behaviour
Another good reason to avoid getting too drunk is so that you might behave in a way that you might regret. After all, these are the people that you will have to work with for the next year, so try to avoid any embarrassing situations. It is especially the case if you are the boss of the company. You still have a status to uphold, and you still want your workers to respect you the next day. If you are concerned that you might make a fool of yourself, have someone keep an eye on you so that they can steer you away from possible awkward situations if they arise.

Office Politics
The office party can often make people talk to others that they may not mingle with generally. It is a good way to help you chat with others and maybe strike up a new friendship with someone. It is important to remember though, that you shouldn’t talk too much about work. People want to relax and chat about other things, so try to keep it social. You should also try to avoid any office gossip that might be in the air; it can seem fun and even make you feel part of the group, though it could make things difficult at work later.

Don’t Use Social Media
It can be tempting to post your favourite party photos on your social media accounts. However, you should avoid doing so on the night, as the people in the photos might not want themselves on your news feed. It is best to show them the next day and ask them if its ok to post it. Another good reason to leave your phone off is that you might be tempted to post comments or observations that you would otherwise avoid. If you do, then you might have some explaining to do the next time you see your colleagues.

Office parties can be a great way to mingle with your colleagues and begin new friendships. Just remember that whatever you do during the party, may be remembered by the office for some time to come.

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