Tips for Choosing Your First Ever Designer Bag

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For a lot of people, once they start having money of their own to start considering buying themselves some luxury items, one of the first things they covet is a designer bag. Designer bags have a way of upgrading everything else you wear, and they allow you to take your new high-end purchase with you everywhere.

They are also really fun to shop for, as you don’t have to worry about whether or not your size is in stock or whether you won’t be able to use it anymore if you lose or gain weight, or get pregnant!

Of course, a bag is always a big fashion investment, and when it’s going to be the first one in your collection, it can feel really important to pick the right one from all of the gorgeous bags available from the best designers.

Here are some tips for making your choice and finding the perfect bag for you when you’ve decided to splash out on a designer bag for the first time:

Choose Something Versatile

You’ll find when you look at the collections by the big designers that there is a mixture each season of bags which follow current fashion trends, for example in bold colours, textures and prints, and bags that have a more classic look. For your first bag, you want to go for one that has a timeless look and will go with everything. Once you have a few bags in your collection and are choosing which one to use for a given occasion, then there is definitely a place for more trend-focused looks. However, you want your first bag to be one that will be appropriate for daytime and evening, and which will not look like an old-style when you’ve had it for a few years and new colours and prints are out.

When it comes to versatility, you also want to think about the type and shape of the bag. Small clutch bags can look beautiful but don’t really let you carry all of the things you need for the day, or use them when you have your hands full (such as when carrying other luggage or shopping). These are therefore not as good a choice as a midsized shoulder bag or a day bag that you can fit all of your essentials in wherever you’re going. Yes, this may mean you’ll want to have a small clutch from a fast-fashion brand to use for very dressed up occasions, but it is better to have it this way around than to have a designer bag you can only wear to formal events and cheaper bags for every day.

Check Out Different Brands in One Place

Unless you already have a real affinity with one designer label and know that’s who you’ll be getting your bag from, it can be better to shop for your bag somewhere that carries lots of different designers so you can see everything that is available, rather than going to the store for one designer at a time and trying to remember what your options were there.

If you are shopping online, then a good place to look for your new bag is SSENSE. SSENSE has all of the latest collections by brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Givenchy and Balenciaga, and will allow you to check out all of the current lines in one place and make your choice in the comfort of your own home. Having your choice of the latest Saint Laurent bags delivered to your door can really make the experience special – like receiving a gift from yourself!

Consider How the Bag Looks on You

Not everybody knows this, but bags, just like sunglasses and other accessories, can actually flatter different people in different ways. Your bag will usually be seen on or next to you, and so it stands to reason that it will have a visual effect on how you look. Different shapes and sizes of bags can look good with different people, then, and it is worth bearing some simple rules in mind when you choose so you know you’ll be getting a bag that works well for you as part of your look.

Mid-sized bags suit everyone, so there is no reason not to choose one of those, but if you are tempted by a smaller bag, then this works best if you have a petite frame yourself. Small bags can look too ‘miniature’ when tall or large women carry them. The opposite also applies, and oversized bags look best on larger people but can overwhelm the look of smaller people. Whether the bag is angular or soft also has an optical effect. A structured, angular bag can be a good complement to a curvy figure, whereas a soft bag can give a good balance if you have a straight body. It is also good to make sure the colour of the bag suits your skin tone and colouring. Black or white bags suit everyone, but if you are going for a neutral like grey or brown, then it is best to pick a cool or warm shade depending on whether you have cool or warm colouring yourself.

Hopefully, these tips will help you ensure you pick out a designer bag you will love for years to come, and which will quickly become your favourite accessory!

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