How Technology Is Transforming the Casino Industry

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Casinos have changed a lot since they first started popping up in the twentieth century. While the core elements have remained the same over time — they have long been a place where people can socialize, play games, place bets, and be entertained — there are many ways that they’ve evolved, too.
Casinos have long been keen to take up new technology in order to stay competitive, improve security, and enhance customer experience. But what are the new technologies they’re taking advantage of?


Many casinos are adopting cryptocurrency so that casino guests have another way to pay for goods, games, and services. They still offer all of the traditional methods of payment, but add in cryptocurrency to draw in different types of clientele. It’s not much of a risk for casinos to offer this option, and it has helped to increase revenue. Guests can use cryptocurrency to pay for their rooms, buy their food, or shop for souvenirs. It’s just another way that casinos are catering to their guests and providing them with what they want. Even online casinos are getting in on the action, too.

Behaviour Tracking

Many businesses track consumer behaviour, and casinos are no exception. But casinos want to give back to their consumers and put this data tracking to good use. Casinos can track spending habits, gaming behavior, food choices, room preferences, and others to improve guests’ stays by offering them more personalized experiences. Guests will feel like the casinos and staff care about them because they’ve remembered what they like and don’t like, which will help guests to feel more comfortable and at home. Casinos might also use this information to offer guests various rewards and incentives, such as room discounts and free meals.


VR Gaming

It’s true — virtual casino gaming is coming to a console near you. Virtual reality is already having a huge impact on video games, so it should be no surprise that casino games aren’t far behind. Although we’re still a while away from virtual casinos, there are games like PokerStars VR where you can play a game of poker with players from all around the world — virtually. And to enhance your experience, you can even buy drinks, throw food, chat with other players, and watch for tells. This type of technology might still be young, but it’s already transforming the casino industry in a big way, so expect to see more VR gaming in the near future.

Online Gaming

The casino industry has been making the move to the internet for decades, and now there are tons of options for casino gaming online. Sites offer a seemingly never-ending number of games, from slots to poker to blackjack to roulette. And they all come in numerous variants, so it’s not like showing up to a casino and finding out that they don’t offer French Roulette.

This huge selection of games is a big draw for gamers, and it’s partially why online casino gaming has seen so much success. But it’s also about accessibility: Gamers can access gaming sites and apps whenever they want to, from wherever they are. So this has really helped the casino industry because casinos are able to reach more gaming lovers and keep them invested.

Automated Rooms

Hotel rooms in casinos were some of the first to embrace smart technology in rooms. Through a smart device, guests can control the heating, cooling, and lighting of the room. They can chat with a smart hotel assistant to ask questions at any time of day (such as the middle of the night), or they can order room service or cleaning services. And they can control all of this remotely, too. Add in that behaviour tracking, and the casino will remember guests’ preferences for the next time they visit — making guests’ experiences that much better.

As we head deeper into a world run by technology, expect casinos to embrace further tech upgrades. But who knows, future casinos might end up being a lot more virtual and a lot less physical.


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