What To Do This Summer If You Don’t Feel Like Going Outside

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Something that a lot of people are unable to comprehend is that not everybody in the world likes to spend all their time outside in summer, getting progressively more lobster-coloured and crispy-skinned.

If this is you, here are some tips on how to enjoy the summer without having to pretend to enjoy being in the sun.

Figure Out A New Way To Do Fitness

If you usually like to get fit outside by running or doing an outside fitness class, but you hate the heat, then remember it’s a good idea to switch things up during the summer instead of getting heatstroke and keeling over. Get a pass to your local gym – not only are they usually air-conditioned, but many gyms have pools, and swimming is the perfect way to stay in shape and cool off in the summer. It’s an excellent addition to any work-out – not only does it tone all the muscles in your body, but it also doesn’t put any pressure on your joints, which means that you’re less likely to get injured.

Plan A Trip

During the winter, many people take their minds off the cold weather by organising a trip for the summer, so why not take your mind off the heat by organising a cold weather holiday? There are a lot of possibilities: you could go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, you could tour the fjords in Scandinavia, you could go to the Christmas markets in Vienna, you could go skiing in Colorado, you could go to Canada to see some gorgeous wildlife and spectacular scenery. It’s good to remember that if you aren’t feeling the sun, it’s easy to escape it.

Focus On Your Hobbies

If you have hobbies that you can do inside and you like to escape from the summer sun, it’s a great time to make the most of them. Switch on that fan, get yourself a cool drink, and start plotting out your debut fantasy novel. Alternatively, you could just start writing! The great George R R Martin says that all writers are either architects or gardeners – architects plan all of their work ahead of time, while gardeners just plant some seeds and see what happens. If you’re a gamer, why not use this summer to beat a new game? You could even have gaming parties – find some multiplayer driving games that everyone will love, provide some ice-cold beers, and order pizza. Finally, why not develop a new hobby? Planting an indoor herb garden is an ideal thing to do during the summer – put it on your kitchen windowsill where it can get plenty of light.

Organise Your Life

It’s time to take a good hard look at your life and figure out how to organise it – if you don’t feel like lying in the sun, why not do some life admin? Organise your bank statements and credit card bills, clean out your fridge, back up your phone and copy all your photos onto an external hard drive. Use the summer to get your life back on track.

Get Cooking

If you love fresh produce, summer is probably the best time of year for excellent food. During the winter, most of us are all about hearty stews and hot curries, but during the summer, obviously those options aren’t quite as appealing – what’s the point of getting even hotter? When it’s warm outside, you probably won’t feel like standing over a stove or oven for long, and most of us don’t want to eat heavy food anyway. It’s time to experiment with lighter dishes – if you’re looking for some protein for dinner, why not go for fish instead of meat? Salmon will fill you up just as much, and making a sauce with miso, paprika and vinegar will give the fish a great taste. Add noodles and green vegetables and you’ll have a perfect light, filling summer dinner. Halloumi burgers are a great option for anyone who doesn’t eat meat, and if you want to really make the most of fresh fruits and vegetables, why not go for a salad? These don’t have to be nothing-y bowls of greenness – salad dressing is hugely important and you can also add different pop of sweeter flavour like chunks of mango and pomegranate seeds. If you’re feeling traditional, why not go for a tricolore salad, with mozzarella, tomato and avocado? It’s filling, fresh, and looks great on the plate.

Summer isn’t all about lying on the beach or basking in the sun – these tips should help out anyone who’d rather not soak up those rays!

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