Studying In Scotland? Top Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your University Experience

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Scotland has long been a popular country for students from around the world looking to enjoy a range of benefits, including reduced fees, stunning scenery and great social activities. Some of the universities in Scotland are incredibly popular and are even giving Oxford a run for its money thanks to their exceptional facilities and great academic results.

If you’re going to university in Scotland then remember that there are different rules than in England, and so many unique places to enjoy and opportunities to take advantage of. With this in mind, here’s our guide to how you can make the most out of your time studying in Scotland and enjoy everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

Choose The University That Suits You

Scotland has some of the UK’s best universities, and there’s something for everyone among the country’s varied establishments. From prestigious Russell Group members like the University of Edinburgh through to creative centres of excellence like the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland has the education provider to suit the needs of every student and give them an experience they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

Find Out About The Financial Deals Available

For students from Scotland and the EU the Scottish Government or an affiliated association will subsidise tuition, so check out all the options to see if you’re entitled to save money on your fees. You can also get a loan to help you get through your studies and pay your rent, so make sure that you explore every option and learn about exactly what you’re entitled to before you come to study in Scotland.

Look For Quality Student Accommodation

In Scotland there are so many serviced student accommodation properties with a vast array of facilities, such as Claremont House Collegiate which is an incredible property in Glasgow that has everything from an in-house cinema to a fitness suite and everything in between, leaving you able to study and socialise in your own shared student haven.

Explore The Glorious Natural Wonders Scotland Has To Offer

During your studies in Scotland you will be in close proximity to some of the most beautiful scenery and wonderous landscapes in the UK. Whether you study in the highlands and want to explore the West Highland Way, or you decide to visit the Hebrides and take in this tranquil coastal landscape, there is something for everyone in this magnificent country.

Check Out The Nightlife

Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde has been voted one of the top universities in the UK for its amazing nightlife, and with good reason; the city is teeming with incredible bars and thriving event venues. Even students living and studying in other areas will find themselves spoiled for choice when it comes to nightlife. With everything from quiet, cosy pubs through to packed bars, there is something for every style of night out, so that students will always have something fun to do after a hard day’s studying.


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