Are You Spending More Than You Need To On Your Wardrobe?

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It’s so easy to spend too much on clothes. You go out to get a new jacket and you end up coming home with loads of outfits and an empty wallet.

It might be that you see a piece that just catches your attention and you decide that you have to have it or maybe there’s a sale on and you’re worried about missing out on the savings, so you pick up some extra items just to be safe. But if you carry on shopping like that, you’re going to run out of money, so you need to do something about it. Often, people don’t notice their own bad shopping habits so it’s hard to break them. These are some of the reasons that you’re spending too much money on clothes.

Not Buying Versatile Items

When you pick something up in a shop and you’re trying to decide whether to buy it or not, ask yourself when you’re going to wear it. If you can only think of one or two specific occasions when you could wear it, it isn’t a good purchase. You also need to think about the rest of your wardrobe and whether you can match it with things that you already own to make outfits. Again, if you can’t really make that many outfits with it, it’s not worth the money. It’s best to find pieces that can be paired with a lot of different things to create lots of outfits, rather than buying things that you’re going to wear once and then shove to the back of the wardrobe.

Not Accessorising

Buying versatile items is one of the best ways to get the most of your wardrobe but you should be accessorising properly as well. If you know how to accessorise properly, you can turn a few boring pieces into a great outfit. A good watch is an absolute must because it can really elevate an outfit. You should invest in a few good bags and scarves as well. If you know how to match these with outfits as well, you can breathe new life into old clothes instead of buying new ones all of the time.

Paying Full Price

Most of the time, there’s no reason to pay full price for things. If there’s something that you like but it’s too expensive, just wait a while until it goes on sale. You can also get vouchers for most of the things that you buy online, so there’s no need to pay full price all of the time. However, you’ve got to be careful with sales and make sure that you’re buying something because you actually want it, not just because it’s cheap.

Buying Low Quality

A lot of people get caught out by this because they think that they’re saving money by buying cheap clothes. The thing is, they’re not going to last and you’ll have to replace them regularly. Over time, you’ll end up spending more than you would if you’d just paid a bit extra for quality in the first place.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be able to build a great wardrobe without wasting all of your money.   

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