Shifting The Balance: Getting A Bit More Out Of Life While Still Earning That Paycheck

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How dedicated are you to your job? The thing is, most employers now expect you to be 1000% dedicated, and everything else can do one! And this isn’t going to be one of your proudest achievements in life, that you worked so hard at your job, that you missed out on everything.

Yes, while working overtime gives you the ability to save money like nobody else so you can go on holiday will you actually have the opportunity when you work so much? And while we need to earn that paycheck, we still got to have some fun in our lives, but now as the balance is firmly in favour of our jobs, what can we do to ensure that we are getting the most out of life while still earning that regular wage?

Pick Hobbies That Mean Something To You

We work so much that we believe we have little time for our hobbies. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, even a little bit of time in the evening on or playing some video games can be enough to take our mind off our work. And that’s the great thing with the access to entertainment we’ve got these days because something as simple as watching TV can give us an opportunity to unwind. You don’t always have to do something that’s going to change the world, but as long as you pick hobbies that can actually take your mind off what you do between Monday and Friday, it’s win-win.

Put The Focus Back Onto Your Friends

Maybe you have no time to see your friends ever, and there are ways for you to spend time with your friends and still get things done, provides a few handy hints. But if you have been neglecting your friends over the last year or so, the one true way to make the effort is to put something in the calendar. No doubt there have been times you’ve not seen your friends for months or maybe years, and then as soon as you spend an evening together, all the good memories come flooding back, but by which point you’ve made a promise to “do this again really soon”, yet another few months go by. Focus back on to your friends and make them a priority in your life.

Do Things That Energize You

If time is a problem, then you’ve got to find a way to make this time. And even if you find your resources drained, the one solution to get more out of your day is to get up a little bit earlier and go to bed a little bit later. And while this sounds impossible, finding ways to add a little bit extra to your day means giving your body an MOT. Finding ways to energise you, maybe by reducing your sugar intake or doing some callisthenics in the morning might seem pointless endeavours, but you will see over time that you have a little bit more energy and some more focus.

There are ways for you to get a bit more meaning to life, rather than just focusing on work. But we’ve got to live in the real world, so try and shift the balance somewhat.

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