Why More People in the UK Spend Their Leisure Time Indoors

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UK residents treasure their leisure time. Nothing shows this better than the fact that by 2022, Brits will use £141 billion leisure. However, the pattern of leisure activities has changed over the years. While Brits used to spend more time outdoors, things have changed over the years.

A recent study shows Britain is now an indoor nation.  The average person will spend 53 years of their lives indoors. What changed and how do people spend their time indoors? This guide seeks to answer these questions.

  1. Hectic Lifestyles

To say that life in the UK is hectic is an understatement. Most people struggle to balance between work, family, entrepreneurship and school. Weekends which otherwise used to be opportunities to relax have gradually turned into working days.

With the demand for the best education, more parents are back in school. This leaves little time for outdoor fun and activities. By the time the family gets time to unwind, they are already too tired to contemplate an outdoor trip.

  1. Financial Constraints

Life in the UK keeps getting more expensive. In such an environment, families have to prioritise their spending and outdoor activities don’t feature.

Many households now grapple with increasing debt. One of the things that go out in the inevitable cost-cutting measures is entertainment.

  1. Mobility Problems

For people in urban areas, enjoying nature or other outdoor activities means arranging transportation. This is another hustle most residents don’t want to go through staying indoors thus looks more enticing.

  1. The Poor Weather

British weather also takes the blame for forcing people to spend more time indoors.  While residents have become accustomed to the dreary weather, most don’t want to venture out in the cold or rain.

  1. The Rise of Technology

As the prospects of venturing outdoors diminish, Brits have resorted to tech to fill the gap.  The advances in technology now fill the void left by lack of outdoor exposure. Some of the most common tech alternatives to the outdoors include:

  • Traditional television: TV is one of the most popular indoor leisure activities. Traditional viewing accounts for most television (about 3 hours and 12 minutes per day).
  • Streaming services: YouTube and other online entertainment services remain a popular indoor source of entertainment.
  • Online slots: Now that people don’t want to venture outside and visit the local casinos, online casino games provide a great way to pass the time.
  • Family games: Families have become innovative in creating their unique brand of fun. Traditional games and online games now provide entertainment indoors when the option of going out is not appealing.
  • Smartphones: Walk into any home in the UK today and you will find almost everyone on their smartphones. 78% of UK residents own a smartphone but this number is higher among 16-24 year-olds(smartphone ownership stands 95% in this group).
  • Video games: Video games are a popular pastime, especially among the younger population. However, you will also find adults enjoying this indoors leisure activity.
  • Reading: Most people still read for fun. It is a popular tradition in the UK, and with the advent of online books and publications, this is an alternative to outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts 

While many Brits would love to engage in outdoor activities, many things force them to stay indoors. However, staying indoors doesn’t have to be a dull affair. There’s a lot you can do with your family to brighten up every moment you stay indoors. Don’t let the dull weather, finances, exhaustion or anything else ruin your time indoors.

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