Payments via PayPal – Still the Most Secure Payment Method?

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Even though people have been buying and selling stuff online for years now, folks still get worried about the security and safety of their payments. And rightly so, as the volume of online transactions increases, so does the skill and tools of the fraudsters and scammers out there.

One of the stalwarts of the online payments space is PayPal. If you’ve ever had anything to do with eBay, the chances are you’ve used the service as the two and so intrinsically linked. In fact, eBay brought out PayPal in 2002 before spinning it off as a separate entity in 2015.

But it’s not just the online marketplace site where the service is used, it’s now part of transactions in countless industries across the globe. One of the main drivers for the amazing success of PayPal is their big focus on safety and security.

 How is PayPal Secure?

Think of PalPay as the meat in your online transaction sandwich. It can sit between the bread and butter of your bank account and the online merchant. You can link up all your checking accounts and credit cards to your PayPal account and then use it as your sole payment provider online if you wish.

Security-wise this is a real win as it removes the need to enter your bank account or credit card details directly into a website where you want to make a purchase. A great example of this would be the world of online casinos. There are so many to choose from that using PayPal to fund your casino bankroll can keep you safe even at the most unscrupulous of casino sites.

Thankfully for anyone who enjoys a casual spin of the reels, there are thousands of legitimate casinos that accept PayPal payment. It means that players can rest assured that their money won’t wander off into the wrong hands when they try and add funds to their account.

 The Future of Payments? 

Having evolved with the internet since its very early days, PayPal is looking to constantly innovate and keep security at the forefront of things.

Their acquisition of Swedish payment processor iZettle for $2.2 billion last year shows that they are keen to stay ahead of the game and keep their millions of users safe online.


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