From Pac-man to Bingo, the Best Browser Games for UK Players

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There are many games people enjoy playing on their browsers to let time run by when commuting, at home, or in the office when the boss isn’t looking. Here are some of the best free browser games you can play:


Pac-Man is a classic game produced by Namco and was released in 1980. It is a game where the player controls a yellow head (which is the character Pac-man), and moves around a maze eating biscuits called pac-dots. After Pac-Man eats all the pac-dots in a maze, the level is done and the player moves to the next level. Four enemies or guardians of the maze so to speak, try to stop Pac-Man from completing the levels, and if they touch him a life is lost, and after all lives are lost the game ends. There are four large pills at the edges of the maze that when eaten, temporarily gives pac-man the ability to eat the guardians.

Pac-Man is still very popular today and is one of the longest running video game franchises of all time. It is a good simple game to help pass time.


This is a re-creation of one of the first major first person shooters in the history of gaming. It is a game where you control a lone man through maps that contain several extra-terrestrials who want to kill you of course. You start with your life at 100% and it reduces when you ‘take damage’, and only increases when you get a health pack. It is a fun game that fascinated gamers in the 90’s and has been recreated to be enjoyed on your browser.


Online bingo is very popular, and is played just like regular bingo. Bingo is a game of chance played by drawing numbers at random. Players then match the drawn numbers with those printed beforehand on a 5×5 card. On bingo sites, the card is a pop up with your card faces, the current number, a tote board of previously called numbers, a list of players and a chat room where players can interact between games. Bingo sites like those on offer a good mix of fun and interactivity. Bingo is one of the old breed of games, but it is still very popular today and many make money from playing competitively online.

Wizard of Wor

Wizard Of Wor is a browser-based remake of an ancient arcade game. It’s an old school game where you roam mazes and blast dragon looking monsters before they blast you. It comes with a two-player feature. Player one is in blue and player two in yellow, so you can enjoy blasting dragons with a friend as long as you don’t accidently blast each other.

10 Bullets

This is a retro shooting game where as the title suggests you only have ten bullets to take down the enemy aircraft flying overhead. With such little inventory, you have to time your shots carefully in such a way that you can cause chain reactions with each shot. A carefully timed shot can take out entire enemy formations.

A unifying factor about the best browser games is that they have very simple concepts. They are not games people play regularly anymore. It’s the old game enthusiasts that play them, and they can be fun to play once in a while, when time seems to slow down and you need a breather. So, when next you need to take a break or you are riding the bus, consider browser games alongside the gaming apps you usually play.

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