How to Organize the Perfect Girls Day Out

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When we’re at school, girl’s nights out are easy to organize. Your friends all live close by, no one has any other commitments, and everyone is happy to go for a meal and drinks. Then, as we get older people move away, get married, have babies, develop money worries, and gain new commitments.

It can become much harder to get everyone together and keep everyone happy. But, maintaining friendships and having fun is incredibly important for your mental health and stress levels. Here’s how to do it.

Commit to a Day

It can be almost impossible to find a day when everyone is free. So, don’t try. Pick a day you know nothing big is happening and let everyone know. Remember, some of your group may need time to arrange time off work, plan childcare, or find transport, so try to give them all plenty of notice. The best thing to do is to try and set a regular date, say the last Saturday of every month. Then, even if people can’t make it they won’t have to wait too long for the next catch up.

Give People Options

Some of your friends might not be able to stay for the whole day. Some might not want to and others still might have money worries. This is one of the advantages of planning a full day with lots of different events. People can attend which bits they want without missing out. Some friends might just come for dinner or the evening while others might have to rush home to the kids after lunch. Give them the option. Check out some ideas from to help you plan the perfect girl’s day.

Sort Accommodation

If any or all your group are traveling in for the day or planning on staying over, arrange accommodation as early as you can. Many budget hotels will give you special rates for a large group booking, so be sure to ask.

Start Early

This is one part of the girl’s day out that’s better when you are older. You’re much better at getting up and starting your day early. So, do it. Meet those traveling in at the train station or their hotel and start your day with a catch up over a morning coffee. Starting the day early means everyone has the chance to chat and catch up without feeling like you are rushing around all the time.

Factor in Food

Remember, if you are planning on being out for the whole day, you will need to eat. Why not have a casual lunch, perhaps a picnic or a barbecue if it’s summertime, so everyone can relax without spending a fortune. Then, go for dinner at a restaurant so you’re ready to start your evening well fed.

Take Lots of Photos

We’ve all got smartphones now so there is no excuse not to. Take lots of photos of your special times with your friends, as you never know what could happen in the future.

Remember to enjoy yourself. Trying to plan a full day can seem like quite the task so break it down into segments. There is so much you could do together; some great ideas include heading to the spa and seeing a show.

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