Monarch Online Casino – Payout Delays and Customer Service Complaints

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With so many online casinos operating these days, it can be difficult to distinguish those that are reliable from the rest. Monarchs Online Casino has been around for some time, but they are not exempt from criticism or complaints. Recently, a complaint was made from an online player about their inability to withdraw winnings in a timely manner. Here is a brief overview of the player’s situation, along with customer service responses from Monarch Online Casino.

Timeline of Payout Requests

Having won a significant amount of money over the span of a few months, the player in question requested the withdrawal of $2,000 on the 1st of May. A $70 fee is charged by Monarch for this transaction, and the player agreed to pay it. She was sent an email from Monarch confirming that the payout request had been approved.
A day later, the player made a request for $2,000 to be withdrawn (with an additional $70 fee attached). This was also approved.
Towards the end of the month, she made a third request to have $2,000 withdrawn (a third $70 fee was paid). This request was also approved.

With more than 20 days having passed since her first payout request (which has still not been processed), she decided to email the casino and find out what was going on. Several of her emails were ignored, but she eventually got a response. The customer service team said they were working through processor issues and would work on her request ASAP.

A couple of weeks later (June 16th), she was sent an email asking for all of her banking details. This included the bank name, address, account number and routing number. However, this was information she had already provided to the online casino. SIX WEEKS after her original payout request, they were emailing her for information they should already have on file.

Continued Incompetence

Nothing was done regarding the player’s payout requests. Excuses are repeatedly made regarding bad processors. One email even says that a wire transfer for the $2000 has been approved. However, there is no money in the customer’s account or any sign of the purported wire transfer.

Fast forward to the middle of July and she is still awaiting payment. She received a vague email on July 16th mentioning site issues, apologising for the delay, and admitting they were not sure when her payout request could be fulfilled. This email, along with the others, was verified by a website to ensure the authenticity of the customer’s claims.

While it is not new for online casinos to have payout related problems, going close to three months without giving someone their money is inexcusable. Online gamblers must take care when they are signing up with a gambling site. The last thing you want is to spend time winning significant amounts of money, only to run into trouble when requesting a payout.

Top Five Online Casino Games Explained


This is a very simple, yet exciting, game based on the French word for little wheel. Players are allowed to place bets on:
single numbers
a range of numbers
the colour being red or black
the final number being odd or even

Bets can be placed as singles, splits on two vertically or horizontally adjoining numbers, three numbers in a straight line, four numbers as a square, or baskets and top lines.

Different online varieties of the game have special bets set up for players to try. It is one of the easiest, fastest moving and most riveting online games available.


The concept of blackjack is not hard to understand. With every hand, you are playing against the dealer. Cards are dealt out one by one, with players having the option of “hitting” or “staying” after each card. The objective is to get as close to 21 as possible, but to avoid going over 21.

Keeping that in mind, players will take split second decisions depending on the cards in front of them. For example, if a player gets a 10 and 7 on their first two hits, they may want to stay and keep 17, or ask for a hit and risk going over 21 in the hopes of getting Ace, 2, 3 or 4.

Win-Win Blackjack

This is an online only twist on the traditional game, with players getting a “Rescue Bet” if they bust. For example, if a player got a 10 and 6 on their first two cards, they would be at 16. If they hit for a third card and got 8, it was a bust. With the Rescue Bet, they are dealt 3 additional cards. A combination of the original card and the three newly dealt cards is counted towards their hand.

Three-Card Poker

A faster version of traditional poker or Texas Hold’em, three card poker is very simple. The dealer and player are dealt three cards each. The player has a view of their cards, but not at those of the dealer. An instant decision is made to play or fold. The player with the higher hand (high card, pair, triple, flush, straight etc) wins.

Depending on the type of pair, you are in line to win more money. For example, pairs usually pay 1-1. Flushes pay 3-1 or 4-1, with straights paying 5-1 or 6-1. A 3 of a kind and straight flush pay the most, usually around 20-1 to 40-1.

Casino War

Probably the simplest card game available to play online, Casino War can be very entertaining. The dealer and player are dealt a card each, with the highest card winning. The loser of the round has the option to surrender, losing half their bet. The second option is to declare war, where the original bet is matched. Another round of cards is dealt and the winner keeps all the money bet in that round.

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