Mistakes That Newbie Startups Make (But Should Avoid)

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Startups, they are cheap to initiate and can make you a lot of money in the current market. They are also super popular and are hailed as being an easy and accessible way for newbie entrepreneurs to make their mark. However, success with a startup is perhaps not as easy as it would seem. As to achieve any sort of success in this field you are going to need to avoid certain things. Read on to find out what they are.

Having a poor online presence

One of the defining features of a modern startup company is that it uses online technology to its best advantage. This is something that allows you product to reach million of people easily both with your marketing and with your product. So why then do some many newbie startups think it’s OK to have a website that isn’t top notch and just goes for one that is a general template that you just add your own text and photos to?


I have no idea, but all I can say is that it’s damaging their reputation and preventing them from converting the sales that they deserve.  Having a decent user-friendly customer website isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential, and that is why you need to go to a boutique website design company that can actually create something for you from the ground up. As this will allow you to have a site that works brilliantly and guides your customers to exactly where they need to be, as well as making things easier on the CMS side of things.




Doing it all yourself

Something else newbies in the startup world can be guilty of is thinking that they have to do everything themselves to save money. That include the marketing, visuals, negotiations, and anything else that is on the to do list. However, sometimes it’s much better to get a specialist involved, especially if it’s something that you have no previous experience in doing.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you have to employ someone full time with these abilities. As the gig economy means you can hire someone on a project by project basis, getting the specialisation you need in a more cost effective way.

Not having a plan of where you are going

Lastly, a major no-no for startup newbies is that they get way too focused on being a ‘startup company’ and forget that really this is just a stage in the lifecycle of a business. Remember guys, no one wants to be a startup forever. The ultimate goal is always to expand into something else, or sell up and use the profits from the sale towards another project.

That is why it’s critical to not be short sighted in the startup phase and have plans laid out that detail opportunities for expansion in size, as well as into other adjacent markets. After all, even if your plan doesn’t completely come to pass in the way that you thought it would, it’s still going to be helpful as a general guiding force as your company develops.


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