Matching Your Turntables to Your Needs

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If you’re in the market for a new turntable, think about where and how you will play. For instance, do you like to scratch during your set or need a responsive speed control? Choosing the best equipment will depend entirely on how you will use it, so focus on meeting your need as you shop.

Your First Decisions

 Before you start looking at any turntable, you must decide if you want to use vinyl or go the digital route. Vinyl is most traditional and widely respected, but digital options give you the freedom to take massive digital libraries with you anywhere. Additionally, do you want to start with a package deal like those Numark offers or would you prefer more customization?

 Direct or Belt Drive

Belt-drives are both popular and affordable, but they lag in the speed recovery department. Direct-drive turntables have more powerful motors and are less prone to skipping. If you enjoy scratching during your sets, you will probably need a direct-drive, but cost-minded DJs should consider a belt-drive.

Straight Versus S-Shaped Arms

Again, your scratching preference comes into play. Straight arms rarely skip and have a high tracking ability suited for scratching. However, an S-shaped arm gives you better sound quality for recording sessions. Although, you should note that proper arm weight can make just as much difference for tracking and sound quality.

Your Buttons and Controls

As a DJ, selecting your playback speed is essential to an excellent set, which is why start/stop buttons are a useful feature. With these, you can adjust your start and stop speeds to your taste. If you turntable has a pitch control, you can adjust all speeds with greater accuracy.

Choosing the right turntable for you means understanding your needs and the type of equipment you require. If you can afford it, go for all the bells and whistles, but try not to seek out professional grade equipment if you are just beginning. Instead, select turntables that match both your needs and experience.  Still stumped? Check out the infographic below for more DJ information.

Basic RGB

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