What Do the Male Stars Wear on Awards Nights?

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Every year, we hear about the latest awards ceremonies honouring everything from motion picture to TV and music. It seems that an entire industry exists around the coverage, speculation and promotion of who will win, who will attend and perhaps most importantly, what everyone will be wearing.

Men do not get a pass in today’s culture of fashion police, so it’s important that those in the public eye dress their best for these occasions. Because it is bound to make the rounds on social media and the web – and because celebrity fashion influences our broader fashion choices when shopping for new attire – we’ve put together a list of some examples of what male stars wear on these awards nights.

A New Spin on the Classic Suit

Two- and three-piece suits have been common staples of men’s formal fashion for centuries, but you won’t find many standard or traditional suits on awards nights. In terms of colour variation, there is no “normal” in celebrities’ closets. While the standard black suit can often be seen on the red carpet, it’s always in a unique format – such as the Dior Homme variation that Robert Pattinson sported at the 2015 Met Gala. Muddy aqua, brilliant beige and stimulating silver are just a few of the other colour selections that comprise the ensembles of countless celebrities attending formal events (for an idea on stylish, less-than-conventional formal suits, check out Formal Tailors complete collection).

Celebrities understand the importance of confidence above all else when selecting a suit: virtually any suit and tie combination can be worn when coordinated with the right accessories, as long as you wear it well.

Dressed to the Nines with Dress Shoes

There is an old fashion saying that more or less goes as such: “wear the right pair of dress shoes, and few will notice. Wear the wrong pair, and everyone will notice”. Dress shoes are designed to coordinate an outfit and add a bit of stylish persuasion for the choice of suit. Male celebrities understand the importance of aesthetics, which is why you’ll see many different styles of dress shoe that conform to a few simple principles. Overwhelmingly, the types of dress shoes you’ll see are plain toe, cap toe and quarter brogue variations. While the colours and styles may vary immensely, this is one simple format that tends to be a mainstay in male celebrities’ wardrobes.

Subtle Accessories

The general style of male celebrity dress on awards night may be viewed by some as very conservative in nature – that is to say, there can be a lot left to the imagination. However, this is an opportunity in which subtle male celebrities promote specific brands and showcase their style in different ways. From Tag Heuer watches to ornate designer rings and necklaces, there is a bit of flare tucked barely within sight on every male celebrity. These details are often observed by fashion reporters and those covering awards nights, making it possible for each male celeb to dress up and be appreciated without being deemed overly flamboyant or “busy” in terms of style choices.

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