Live Online Casino Is Leading Innovation

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The online gambling world is one of the most innovative industries out there. The fierce competition and growing users’ requirements push casino and poker operators and software developers to look for the next innovation that will give them an edge over their competitors.


The live online casino is considered as such an innovation. It was not too long ago that players could only dream about playing in a real gaming hall from the comfort of their own home. They could play their favourite games online, but through a computer generated process. The live dealer casino was the next natural step for the industry. Live casino is now offered by most leading online casinos in the industry.


What is a Live Online Casino?

The online live casino offers a more authentic gaming environment and atmosphere. The emergence of the webcam technology has enabled online casinos to link players at home to real, human dealers, who can interact and control the game play on the most popular table games.


How Does It Work?

Live dealer casinos are simple. Webcam technology connects the players at home to the casino floor which offers physical table games with their own human dealers. Players can interact with the dealer and fellow players to recreate a more realistic gaming hall vibe as opposed to the artificially generated environment that is created in a computer generated game.


What Games are Available?

Roulette and blackjack are the two main games to be offered in the live casino. They benefit from the webcam technology where interaction with the dealer can be just as important as the gameplay itself. There is also something about the sound of the wheel spinning and the imagery of the ball zipping across the sections of the wheel before it slows to a rest that is like no other game. Baccarat is also available but is far less popular than roulette and blackjack.


Mobile Service

The mobile gaming industry is a growing market and as a response to this increase in popularity a large number of internet casinos are now beginning to offer a live dealer service as part of their mobile products. It is something that is not available at every mobile casino but more and more operators adapt their service and offer mobile versions of the games.


Do you need a Faster Internet Connection to enjoy the service?

It might feel like this service is demanding more data from a player’s computer but in actuality players are simply using a webcam to channel the visuals through the internet. It is essentially the same as streaming a video on YouTube. The feed requires a solid internet connection but the pressure on a computer is not any more than when streaming live content on another site.

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