Home Away from Home: Top Tips for Making the Most of Uni Accommodation

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By now, you have likely settled into the accommodation that was set out by your university, which is a great way to make friends and get used to being on your own for the first time. Whether you are catered for or not doesn’t matter, however, because these university accommodations are typically reserved for first-year university students, which means that it’s now time to think about where you are going to live next year.

This is a huge decision to make because typically these decisions come with a year-long contract. You need to choose who you live with, and you need to know what to look for when choosing a new place. Follow this guide, and you’ll be able to make your own home away from home with ease:

  1. Opt for Student-Geared Options

The best choice for accommodation is to opt for a company that not only knows how to handle students but aims to give them the best. You don’t want to go for a local estate agent who tries to pressure you into a leaking house. Instead, choose student accommodation from Almero Student Mansions. Their high standards will ensure that you can love where you live, and be safe and happy in it as well. To get the most out of your university experience, you need to be comfortable in where you live.

  1. Tips for Choosing Who to Live With

Your first instinct is likely to live with your best friends, but this might not be the best call. If you do need to choose housemates or flatmates, choose instead someone that you get along with, but more importantly, someone who has similar living habits as you do. If, for instance, you are incredibly neat, living with your messy best friend is a recipe for disaster. Save your friendship and choose someone more compatible with yourself. While you might be okay with your mates’ bad habits when they don’t live with you, being around their messy ways can easily cause relationships to break.

  1. Set Ground Rules Early

Moving in with those with similar cleaning and living habits as you doesn’t mean that you should forget ground rules. For instance, set out rules ahead of time for who pays for what bills, set up rules for picking up things like toilet paper, and so on. The more organised you are about these chores, the better you and your housemates will get along.

  1. Personalise!

Once everything logistically is set up, it’s time to personalise! By the time you move into your second-year accommodation, you have likely accumulated more items than when you first moved in. You also have the opportunity to live in this room for two years instead of just one, so you should absolutely put more effort into personalising the space. The more at home you feel, the better you will be able to relax, study, and have fun.

Your second-year flat doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Ensure you choose a great accommodation option, and that you choose your flatmates based on living habits, not based on how close you are.

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