How to Get Noticed In the Music Industry

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Today’s music industry is wildly different to that which existed a few decades ago. The rules of the game have changed and for those looking to break into this incredibly competitive industry, it can feel like a mystery how to progress and make the necessary inroads to stand out amongst a sea of other bands and artists. Here are some of the best ways to get you and your music noticed.
Establish and Maintain an Online Presence

There are many good reasons why establishing your online presence is important; your website will give you a space to promote your music while social media makes interacting with fans easier than it’s ever been. An online presence also makes you much more visible and makes it easier for potential fans to find you after gigs or other events, as well as giving your existing fans a quick and easy way of introducing you and your music to others. The internet also offers the cheapest and simplest distribution platform for your music, as well as the most convenient and widely available platform to your fans.

Produce Merchandise

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the most appropriate range of merchandise for your band. Well designed and eye-catching clothing, for example, serves two purposes; first, it provides an additional source of income for upcoming musicians who often need all the help they can get. Secondly, it is a great way to advertise your band and the more creative you are with your designs and the more eye-catching and memorable your wearable merchandise is, the more likely it is going to start conversations about your band.

Other options for merchandise include visual items like patches and badges. If you distribute your music on a physical medium, such as CD’s, then these also constitute part of your merchandise range. Online distribution makes a lot of sense for a new band that needs to be conservative with the few resources they have, but as you gain traction and popularity you’ll want to expand your offerings. CD’s not only instantly make you seem more professional and successful they accomplish what other merchandise can’t; putting your music into the hands of potential fans. CD replication is a process that allows you to produce a large number of CDs for a relatively low cost per unit using a service such as Copycats CD replication. It offers one of the best returns on any merchandising investment.

Play Often and Play Well

If you don’t put yourself out there you can’t get noticed, no matter how dedicated or talented you are. For new bands looking for their first breakthrough, gigs are the most important source of fans and attention. Regular practice is, of course, very important too, as the place where you’ll create your music and where you will refine your skills as a band. Playing gigs regularly and making sure you give every performance your all is the fastest way to expand your fan base and to get the attention of the right people in the industry.

With music production in the hands of more people than ever, the number of bands competing for attention and a shot at the big team is also on the rise. Through perseverance and dedication, you and your band can be one of the lucky few who makes it.

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