Four Ways To Enrich Your Spare Time & Make More Of It

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The majority of our time is spent working or commuting to and from work, which is why it’s so important to take full advantage of any free time. The truth is that most of us fill our evenings and free time with television – it’s an easy way to pass the time and has, for the majority of us, become a habit. (Admittedly, not a good habit.)

To make the most of the little spare time that you have each day, it’s important to fill it with enriching activities. Instead of sitting in front of the television for hours, find different ways to pass the time. You might not realise it, but by filling your time with enriching activities, you’ll feel happier and more content with your life.

The question is, how can we enrich our lives and make more of our spare time? Here are four ways to mix things up and make more of your time:

  1. Be more productive

Don’t sit around like a couch potato, be more productive with your spare time. Just because you’re not at work, that doesn’t mean that you should just waste your time away. If there’s something that you’ve been dreaming about doing for a while, like designing your own video game, use your spare time to do it. By using your spare time productively, you won’t feel as if it’s been wasted.

  1. Spend a quarter of your spare time readingman-791049_960_720-1

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Studies have shown that people who read on a regular basis are more likely to manage their stress levels better. This is because reading is a calming activity that gives your mind and body time to relax and unwind. Fill at least a quarter of your spare waking hours reading, and you’ll feel better for it. Whether you prefer to read books, newspapers or blogs, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you make time to read. Reading is an incredibly enriching activity, but sadly one that a lot of us don’t make time for.

  1. Have fun with your buddies

Instead of sitting at home on your own, spend your spare time having fun with your friends. This doesn’t have to mean going out drinking – there are other ways to spend quality time together. How about trying out a new sport together – perhaps you could give rock climbing a try? Or, if you already play a sport, such as golf, why not organise a tournament or event, complete with golf trophies and awards? Get your buddies involved and plan it together. Just think how much fun this would be to organise this type of event. It doesn’t have to be golf – choose any sport that takes your fancy.

  1. Get creative in the kitchen
Cooking class at Cafe de Paris in Columbia, Maryland.

Cooking class at Cafe de Paris in Columbia, Maryland.

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Even if cooking isn’t your forte, make an effort to spend more time cooking. Spending your spare time learning to cook new dishes or coming up with new recipes can be incredibly enriching. Cooking is also a great way to reduce stress. So, if work has left you feeling worked up, a few hours in the kitchen could be all it takes to calm down and let go of any stresses or worries that you have. Try different styles of cooking, follow recipes from different countries, and learn to have fun in the kitchen. Believe it or not, cooking can be an incredibly enriching way to spend your spare time.

There you have it, four ways to enrich your spare time and make more of it.

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