Our Favourite Women’s Trends for Fall

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When it comes to fall fashion, there are dozens of trends to try. And if you have a hard time narrowing down the right ones for you, then we have a few ideas to get you started. Luckily, these are all very wearable, so you won’t have to feel intimidated when trying something new.

Below you’ll find five of our favourite looks for autumn. From rosy hues to velvety slacks, we’ve got something for every style and taste.

Animal Instincts

Vogue’s fashion editors predict that bringing out your wild side will be one of fall’s hottest trends, and we agree. Not only are leopard and cheetah prints taking the fashion world by storm, but they’re also a really fun take on otherwise serious trends. From dresses to coats, and purses to shoes, there are so many ways this big cat pattern can be incorporated into your wardrobe. We especially like the idea of adding a pop of colour to your leopard, like red pumps or a blue handbag.

Pretty in Pleats

Pleated clothes are everywhere this fall. Skirts, dresses, and blouses are all included in this accordion-like detail. And what we’re especially loving about this look is its versatility. Pleats can be fun, flirty, and professional, and they also be dressy or casual. Take advantage of mixing textures when donning pleats by pairing with smooth, furry, ruffled, or natural materials for a look with lots of interest and detail.

Pops of Pink

Fashion purveyors over at POPSUGAR are sweet on pink, which is totally cool in our book. Rosy pinks like rose quartz, a hue favourited by colour experts from Pantone, are slated to be the most popular, which is great because of its wearability and universal appeal. Although this is fall fashion we’re covering, these muted pink tones are perfect paired with typical fall hues, like silver, tan, black, camel, slate, gold, and brown.

Silver Lining

Metallic hues are in for autumn, especially liquid silver. Paired with slinky materials, it almost looks as though many runway models are dripping the fluid fabric right down to the floor. This elegant look is perfect for holiday parties and gatherings, or, when used judiciously, is also great for the office. If you’re feeling a bit timid, then incorporate this trend through accessories, like handbags, scarves, and shoes for a sparkling addition to your fall ensembles.

Velvet Crush

Lyst’s clothing curators know just how important great, silhouette-shaping pants are for fall, but combine that necessity with one of autumn’s most sought after trends, like velvet, and you’ve got a look that you’ll want to wear again and again. Colourful crushed velvet is sweeping the runways, and a pair of trousers or slacks in this very material would be perfect for work and play. Pair with a crisp button down and loafers for the office, and with heels and a sheer, silky blouse with a bralette for date night.

After narrowing down a few of our favourite fall trends, we hope you’ll find it easier to pick what you love while still being true to you. Although runway looks can be intimidating, we’ve given you tips on how to make these popular styles as wearable as possible. Next time you’re putting together an outfit for fall, remember these suggestions and enjoy adapting these trends to fit your personal style.

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