The most fashionable bedroom designs for 2017

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Although we might think that the humble bedroom is relatively impervious to the demands of fashion, it seems as though the world’s top interior designers have different ideas.

This is because there has been the unveiling of many striking designs for our bedroom decor that suggests that our sleeping spaces are going to get a lot more colourful and sumptuous than ever before.

Gone are the days where our bedrooms were just a place to sleep and store clothes as Elle Decor has shown us how celebrity bedrooms are spaces where we can all get a little more creative in our interior design skills.

And seeing as green is one of the biggest interior design trends of 2017, it’ll give us chance to make a switch from minimalism to embrace colour in a big way in our bedrooms. Whilst simple whites and beiges have dominated our interiors in recent years, it’s unusual shades of olive, pear and teal that could be big news this year.

Even if you’re not into green, Dulux has shown how there are plenty of other rich hues like denim that are going to make our bedrooms seem so much more vibrant than ever before.

Our bedroom furniture choices are also going to see plenty more extravagance. Whilst the trend for oversize furniture seems to have gone for good, it’s great to see how retailers like Bedstar have a range of super king bed frames that offer us a little extra sleeping room whilst not overpowering our chic interiors.

Similarly, the recent article by GQ shows how modernist furniture designs all provide a sense of elegant style without necessarily cluttering up the room.

So that whether you’re implementing a 1960’s style bedside table, or introducing on-trend terracotta colours into your room design, it shows how a balance between functionality and sophistication is key to achieving a fashionable look in 2017.

Whilst there is a range of conflicting interior trends that range from jungle-themed motifs in wallpapers to edgy brutalist designs in our furniture, it seems that our bedroom decor could definitely benefit from taking on more globalist influences.

This is because there’s been a marked enthusiasm for African-inspired patterns and colours that give us all the perfect chance to have a vibrant and colourful bedroom in time for the summer months.

And with the addition of luxurious 6ft bed frames and a bold use of on-trend textures like marble, brass and bronze, it’ll show that our bedrooms offer a limitless scope for style.


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