The Effects and Importance of Music in Horror-Based Games

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Horror games and movies have never lost their spotlight since its inception. That moment of silence hiking audience’s curiosity and then delivering an impact music has been one of the secrets of the horror-based movies and games. Therefore, music plays an inevitable role in horror genres.

Various effects and techniques are used by the game developers to create intense music. However, most of them hardly fail to miss an opportunity when it comes to experience horror movies or games.

What makes a good horror game?

The first and the foremost thing for any game to be good is that it should be able to capture the attention of the player. He/she should be completely immersed in the game and focus only on winning the game. For this to happen various ingredients of the game should work together properly. The architectural aspects, sound effects, the lighting, the timeline, music and so on. For example, in Silent Hill, there will be at least few instances where the player will be surely getting lost during the gameplay, between the missions. He would witness the lonely streets, midway stopped cars, fog-filled roads, splatters of blood here and there and everything would be still and quiet. It is hard to point at one element of the game and to say that it is the reason behind its success.

Horror and Terror

If you think horror and terror are same, you are wrong. Terror is the feeling of great fear which the user experiences before the actual event. Whereas horror is the feeling of intense dread after the experience. These two factors when combined can do wonders in creating scary experiences. Music has a high influence on both the aspects, but they should be aptly made and used.

Suspense and mystery

Again, suspense and mystery are very much useful in creating compelling content. Alfred Hitchcock who is one of the biggest directors once stated out a great difference between suspense and mystery. He said that mystery is connected to intellect and suspense is connected to emotions. Both, when used in appropriate proportions, can create great results. Mystery requires the person to go through the thinking process whereas suspense in most cases is induced automatically.

Music in horror games

Music in horror games is different in both technical and physiological aspects. A lot of research and studies are being carried out in music related to horror. The results and conclusions of these researchers help the developers to create more effective horror-music.

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