Double Vs Triple Glazed Windows

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If you are going through the process of replacing your windows or installing a rooftop window, you will be aware of the argument going around for choosing double glazed or triple glazed windows. While each comes with a set of its own benefits and shortcomings, it usually narrows down to personal preferences and the kind of investment you are willing to do.

This articles will focus on providing you with a comparison of the different types of variables involved, and which type of windows you should invest in ultimately. Keep reading to find out more.

  1. High Insulation and Efficiency

Both double glazed and triple glazed window will help in trapping heat in the house, but triple-glazed takes the notch further. Triple glazed windows are made using three panes of glass, sealed altogether in a frame with an inert gas usually argon trapped between the layers. Hence the additional amount of panes and inert gases makes triple glazed windows almost impermeable to heat. As far as efficiency goes, because of fewer heat losses, efficiency is ultimately higher for triple glazed windows, as compared to double glazed windows.

  1. Temperature Control

It’s not just the cold we need to worry about, the g-value of the glass, denotes how much the window is able to control temperatures with the fluctuation of sunlight. Lower percentages result in more efficient temperature control. If your house faces the west end, or your room tends to heat up over time, then perhaps triple glazed windows should be your top priority with a g-value of 35-60% compared to 75% for the double-glazed variety. 

  1. Costs

Both double and triple glazed windows provide unique benefits when it comes to the cost. Double glazed windows are usually cheaper to install, but their efficiency is moderately lower to their triple glazed counterpart. Triple glazed windows are expensive initially, but if your house is overall well insulated, you can reduce energy costs to up to 50%. If your house is old and not heat efficient, the higher triple glazed investment won’t do much for you in the long run.

  1. Condensation

Condensation occurs when there is a massive difference in temperatures. Double glazed windows are more prone to causing interior condensation due to the development of cold patches when heats escape through them. On the contrary, due to the higher Up-values, triple glazed windows avoid condensation completely due to fewer temperature differences resulting from negligible heat losses.

  1. Glass Thickness

Triple glazed windows, due to the three panes of glass installed are obviously heavier and thicker. They are as a result, more heavily to carry hence proper care is advised during transport. They are also durable and difficult to break. Double glazed units are lighter as compared to the triple pane variety. One disadvantage of triple-paned windows is that if your walls are old and not strong already, triple glazed windows can cause cracks and breaks in the structure due to the additional weight.


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