Destiny 2 on PC: Visually Stunning Effects Worth Experiencing

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Finally, the PC edition of the highly awaited action-packed game, Destiny 2 has been launched worldwide. The wait for this amazing experience was indeed worthy. All you need to have a great time is Destiny 2, a GeForce GTX-1060 graphics card, and a good PC. This will fetch you a 1920×1080 gaming experience.

Now to make it even better, the GeForce GTX 1070 will do the job. A stunning 2560×1440 gaming experience will be provided. Now, if you want to get an even better experience, the G0eForce GTX 1080 Ti will bring you 3840×2160 gaming.

The GeForce Experience gives you the perfect combination of good graphics and a good frame rate. The drivers are set for automatic updates. The game settings are also optimized by the GeForce experience. Some of the best delights offered by the graphics in Destiny 2 can give you goosebumps. This article gives you details about next-gen visuals and effects.

  • Uncapped Frame Rate

The Frame rate in Destiny 2 does not have an upper limit. It all depends on what your GPU will allow. Playing with GeForce GTX 1070 a high frame rate of 120 FPS will be unleashed. You will need a powerful CPU to bring out the best of the frame. The i7-X or i7-K are the two CPUs that are recommended.

  • Light Shafts

These are known as God Rays and crepuscular rays. These are the lighting effect showing rays such as the rays of the sun in some moments of the game. The Light Shaft can be set according to the desired quality. The “High” quality setting will ensure that you get smooth, high-resolution shafts.

  • Better Shadows

This 3D game has amazing quality shadows throughout the game. The game features 5 step shadow-quality setting. These include resolution, definition and the distance. There is a separate setting for Foliage Shadows Distance which can control certain things such as the distance of the shadow which is cast on the ground by objects.

  • Render Resolution

The Render Resolution feature of the game in Destiny 2 can get you crisper images in the game. This will make sure that you can view the game at a better resolution than supported by your monitor. An HD monitor will be able to show you 4K quality.

  • Bokeh blurring

At various points in the game, Destiny 2 will show you field blurring. The high settings will use a Bokeh depth of field. This will improve the effect of blurring and the look of having been shot through a camera lens will show up.

Other graphics enhancements include:

  • Field of View
  • Motion Blur
  • High-Quality Foliage
  • Wind Impulse

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